Color of Change Tries to Kill the Show “All My Babies’ Mamas” by Boycotting Advertisers Too


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Some of you may have seen the new Oxygen show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” featuring the rapper Shawty Lo.  Shawty is being rewarded for spreading his seed to every corner of earth, creating 11 kids in 10 different households.  I recently wrote that the show is an insult to black families everywhere, but it’s not because I have a problem with a man having lots of kids.  I also don’t fault the brother for loving women, women are a good thing.

Where I do fault Shawty Lo and these women is for their decision to bring so many kids into the world without having the necessary emotional and financial resources to raise them in a healthy environment.   While Shawty defends himself by saying “I take care of my kids,” we have to remember that the term “taking care” is relative:  I personally find it hard to believe that a man can give the necessary time and resources to 11 kids in 10 households, even if he is a full-time parent (which Shawty Lo is not).  The leaked clips of him having trouble remembering the names of all of his children tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

It looks like the powerful organization Color of Change is getting involved in the battle to keep the show off the air.  The group is wisely targeting the financial fuel that was planned to keep the show afloat by going after Oxygen’s advertisers.   This is a smart move, since Oxygen might have initially felt that the negative publicity would be good for viewership.  As a Finance professor myself, I can say that  the only way to destroy a capitalist pig is to gut the piggy right in its bank account.

Says the petition:

 “Leaked online footage from the pilot showing Shawty Lo struggling to name his children — and one mother rebranding each woman with nicknames like “Fighter Baby Mama,” “Shady Baby Mama,” “Baby Mama from Hell” and “Wanna-Be-Bougie Baby Mama” — drew immediate criticism from Black people across the country.2 Despite the backlash, network executives remain intent on moving forward with the reality project.” 

There is no room for us to celebrate the dissolution of the black family in America.  The mass incarceration epidemic, conjoined with negative hip-hop financed by big, white corporations, has not only destroyed the core of who we are, it’s also led us to sing, dance and drink to the tune of our own self-destruction.   As a result, an entire generation of children are being born into a world where dysfunction is the norm, and discipline is a thing of the past.  This lack of discipline not only leads to even more of our children being transformed into commodities for the prison industrial complex, it also makes us willing partners in our own racial oppression.   White folks don’t have to do the hard work anymore, since we’re happy to do it ourselves.

I am happy to see that Color of Change is fighting back.  Someone needs to know that while none of us condemns the children being born into this odd situation, we don’t want our kids growing up looking forward to becoming Baby Mama number 11.  Oxygen should be ashamed and I hope Oprah Winfrey had nothing to do with this.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Commercialized Hip-Hop: The Gospel of Self Destruction.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. Does not deserve comment but I will do it anyway.

    The brother is Trifling, the “ladies” are a lot Worse.

    I have a few names for each, however since this is a public form I’ll let it slide.

  2. Wouldn’t watch it if I were bed-bound. also wouldn’t watch multiple other ridiculous TV shows, including, but not limited to, “Hoarders”, soap operas, etc. The choice is yours. Read a book, you simpletons.

  3. There are so many other issues in the Black Community, Gang Violence, Low Test Scores, lack of jobs, HIV, Child Obesity, etc..let this Brotha make money to take care of his Kids..

    • I agree with you, but I also agree with the boycotting… If we don't stop shows of this nature from coming into our homes then maybe our families will begin to heal this nation of hatred, killings and disfunctional behavior. There are many shows on TV that should be cancelled especially reality shows. Yes, it's real life, but who wants or should be watching this garbage.. It's never educational nor fit to sit a family down to watch and say, this is how you are NOT to be living your life. I will always remember sitting at the funeral home with Pops and he asked me a question, He said, if everyone had pure love in their hearts, would this world be a better place to raise our family? Yes, Love removes all that's in the world today… Read a book ppl, play games with your children, go for a long walk, talk to one another and let's remove social garbage out of our family homes.

  4. Let that Brotha make money to take care of his kids, lets take this and make it a positive situation.No one forced these women to have his kids..

  5. Shawty Lo is diabetic. Its a known fact that diabetic men have weak or genetically damage sperm so some of these kids may not be a smart either.

  6. What about the whorish Kardashians? It’s ok for them to make millions with their out of wedlock, fornicating? I say take ALL of the reality shows off if you’re going to boycott one, boycott them all.

    • Andra, one has nothing to do with the other, the Kardashians are non black and media has a lot of positive images to counter the absurdity of these people, while with blacks, the media portrays us in a mostly negative light.Shows like this only reinforces, negative stereo typical views of blacks to society.

  7. What’s the crime? Let’s clean up our own family and community first then perhaps we can reach out to others. Let Shawty Lo do his business and hopefully make plenty of money. Why don’t you go after the drug dealers in your community? And don’t forget the other rappers. Some of them are black and have a great influence on our kids. If we set a better example for kids in our own family and community, I don’t think we would have to worry about our kids being influenced by negative images on tv. The kids wouldn’t even watch that garbage and that would include most of the programs on tv and in the movies. We should direct our time and energy to causes that could make a difference.

    • Herman Hawkins Jr.

      What the problem is with these shows is that they feed racist stereotypes to the public who eats this garbage up. Many hate crimes come from people like George Zimmerman, many who get their information on blacks and others of color through media and judge all of us the same way. Many of us in the Black community feed off the garbage which extends from reality garbage to commercialized hip-hop, which only serves to exonerate black on black crime. YES this matters and YES we need to do something about that about ANYTHING that is self destructive.

  8. Have not seen it. Will not see it. Had no plans on seeing it. I feel for the kids. It's too bad that ALL the Parents don't see just how stupid & rediculous this show is. And they wonder why people say what they do.

  9. Time to push back against all these anti-black producers, directors, and advertisers. Time to boycott television shows and advertisers who make us objects of ridicule. Time to demand that these shows be pulled. Time for us to change the way we are portrayed in the media.

  10. all i can say. dude has plenty of cash and he's not on child support. so he must be doing something right.

  11. It is sad to see someone of such low character and his idiot women, on a tv show. Gloryfying the lives of such morally bankrupt people.

  12. I am not watching it.. because I am tired of shows making it seem like all black women are baby making machines.

  13. Leave that man alone. If you boycotted everything that harmed American families, you should never EVER watch TV

    • Mr. Belton forgive some of us, who don't like to see, our people who are alway's shown in a negative light.

    • I can't believe some people are ok with this rhetoric ! And you wonder why other races don't respect blacks . They see garbage like this and they'll judge the entire black community …

    • They'll judge us anyway. They will ALWAYS judge us by the character of our lowest. If they don't see it on TV, they'll see it on the news or in real life. Accept it – they not gonna like you. GET MONEY SHAWTY!

    • Hollywood has always portrayed us in a negative light, this should be a wake up call for young women not to put themselves in this situation,.dont stop this man from feeding his family!!!