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Federal Judge Rules Against New York City’s “Stop & Frisk” Law, Calls It “Unconstitutional”

stop-and-frisk1-300x200By Victor Trammell

New York City’s policy of racial profiling called the stop-and-frisk program finally has gotten the battering blow it deserves. A federal judge ruled that a component of the program being imposed in the Bronx is an unconstitutional violation of citizen rights. People have been stopped and harrassed by police without probable cause.

The judge’s decision should have a crippling effect on a questionable program, which met heavy opposition. New York civil rights advocates, legal groups, community organizations, and politicians were among the groups adamantly opposed to the stop and frisk program. The program disproportionately profiles blacks and Latinos in New York City. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin’s 157-page ruling is extensive and seeks justice. Scheindlin also suggests that the city’s officers are being improperly trained.

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