Police Say Woman Used Cat as Weapon Against K-9 Dogs After Argument Over Food Stamps

An Orlando, Florida woman used an unusual weapon against police after they arrived to arrest her on domestic abuse charges. On using cat as weaponMonday night, police say Lisa Frink allegedly chased her boyfriend with knives after he refused to give up his food stamp card. When police arrived, the woman threw a cat at a police dog’s face in an effort to avoid being arrested.

The couple shares a home together, but when Frink’s boyfriend refused to have over the food stamps, she cut him with a knife several times in the neck and face.

When the couple’s roommate entered the home, he grabbed Frink’s wrist and forced her to drop the knives. That’s when Frink took off running, and shortly thereafter, police began using dogs to sniff her out.

MyFox Orlando reports:

Police used five police dogs to track down Frink. The K-9s tracked her scent to a shed behind a home on Olivia Street. Officers found her hiding under a blanket inside that shed. 

Police say an officer ordered Frink to put up her hands, but instead, she hid them under her body. Fearing she might be hiding another weapon underneath her, the officer noted in the report that he ordered his K-9 officer, Bolt, to apprehend her.

As Bolt went after Frink, the officer said he saw her pick up a cat that was also inside the shed “shoved it into K-9 Bolt’s face.”

Frink also used a rake in an attempt to keep police officers at bay. Frink is charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery, resisting an officer with violence, injuring a police animal as well as aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon.

The K-9 dog only has a few scratches.


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  1. Do they make this stuff up or is it really true? R we going to these extremes for food stamps now?

  2. She can't be charged for something like that, she was mentally disturbed! Ain't that's what they say about WHITE PEOPLE when they do something like that, MENTALLY DISTURBED?

  3. I Wonder If It Was Worth It To Her? What If No Money Was On The Card At The Time Of Attack!

  4. Darlene Richardson

    What about the poor cat? That is awful. Where is the charge for using the cat as a weapon. That is cruelty for sure. What a nut case.

  5. That cat must have really hurt the K-9 lol

  6. LOL !!! That’s a woman????

  7. Leontyne Clay Peck

    Oh mercy…

  8. She did all of that and still didn't get the EBT card. Well she did get something… felony charges. Some people have absolutely no common sense.

  9. A cat is a deadly weapon? When did pets become a weapon? I guess I need to set my cat free before they charge me with concealing a "deadly" weapon. SMH