AFL’s Chandler Williams Dies in South Florida

chandler-williamsFootball player Chandler Williams died in South Florida on over the weekend, during a flag football tournament. It was disclosed that the 27 year old died of natural causes. Suspected heart condition was not ruled out, but no official cause of death was released.

He has been awarded the Team Offensive Player of the Year, twice, while in Miami Senior High School, and had been a member of the school’s program for students excelling in sports.

Williams was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, in 2007, from Florida International University. He played with the  Tampa Bay Storm in the 2012 season. He had 17 touchdowns, and had caught 83 passes for 996 yards; an impressive record for football in that stage of his career.

Chandler Williams was also the best receiver in Florida International University’s history. He ranked first in the Sunbelt conference in his senior year at the school, and 9th nationally, per game. He left FIU with his record as the best receiver, which he ultimately deserved.

Williams also played with the Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and the Toronto Argonauts where he made 4 receptions for 88 yards.

Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Storm president, stated in an article published at the AFL website, that they were shocked and saddened by Williams’ death, and that they pray for his family, his fiancée, Vanitia Harrigan, and his daughter, Tori Summer-Rose Williams.

The death of Chandler Williams is a big loss to football, because of his evident love and passion for the sport, and all that it stands for. The Tampa Bay Storm community joins Williams’ loved ones in mourning for his death.


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  1. I was one of the last people he spoke to that night. I was there when it happened though i didnt c when he went down. We all thought he might have pulled a muscle or something until we saw someone doing chest compressions on him. The EMS folks in that area were way to unprofessional. they took there sweet time getting to the field, over 10 mins and once they got there, they walked as if nothing was wrong.It was a very sad sight to see. He was a great guy and he will be missed.

  2. I wonder if he had Sickle Cell or Sickle Cell Trait and didn't know it. Rest In Peace Brotha.

  3. God needed him the most!RIP!