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idrisdirectIdris Elba may not have been what the doctor ordered for Quentin Tarantino but he is certainly good enough for Sky TV. It was revealed that Elba was turned down for the role of Django, because he was British. But Elba will not be in front of the camera but behind it.

He has taken on the role of director for his upcoming project. Elba expressed his desire to work with the BBC on a feature film project 2 ½ years ago but nothing ever came of it. Now Sky TV has listed his project, The Pavement Psychologist as one of their featured TV films this year.

This will be Elba’s TV directorial debut. Elba also wrote the screenplay for it. The short drama looks at the relationship between an enthusiastic homeless man, played by Nonso Anozie, and an easygoing businesswoman, played by Anna Friel.  Other acclaimed Playhouse Presents dramas are, Walking The Dogs and A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

According to Sky TV, the project is set to air in the spring.

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  1. Not good enough to appear in Quentin Tarrantinos movie?
    who writes this crap?If you ask me its a blessing that he did,nt get to appear in that dumb ass movie to start with and coon it up with the rest of the idiots in that movie,at least he,s a director this time out a better position to begin with.