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Bobby Seale Is Frustrated by Lack of Involvement In Black Panther Films, Produces His Own

Co-founder of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale, is launching a historical film about the organization titled Black Panther Party Founders Bobby Seale (left) and Huey Newton (right)

Black Panther Party co-founder, Bobby Seale, is showcasing the legacy of the organization he and Huey Newton initially formed to protect the Black community from police brutality in a new cinematic film.

In a press release distributed to media contacts, Seale is hoping to raise $420,000 to begin production of the cinematic life story of the Black Panthers and himself. He has launched a fundraising campaign on to help acquire the funding needed to push the project forward. You can donate to the project by clicking here: 

The film, which is slated to be filmed this year, is titled Seize The Time, The Eighth Defendant, which is also the title of Seale’s autobiography, already has a script written by Seale and former Black Panther Party member Stephen Edwards.

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