Too Much Information: Al Roker Admits to Pooping His Pants at the White House

On last night’s Dateline NBC,  Al Roker gave us more information than we ever asked for about problems he had with his bowels after hisal roker gastric bypass surgery.  Specifically,  Roker discussed a humiliating  incident that occurred more than ten years ago while he was covering an event at the White House.

About a month after he underwent gastric bypass surgery, Roker says he attempted to “pass gas” on his way to the briefing room, “but a little something extra came out.”

Roker went on to explain that after the surgery,  “you think you’re pretty safe”, but you still have to be very careful. Roker tried to present the incident in as tactful a way as possible, but the interviewer was not so kind, asking bluntly, ‘You pooped your pants?’ Roker responded, “I pooped my pants. Not horribly, but I knew… and, so I was panicking, so I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear, you know, and just went commando.”

On the list of things the public needs to be concerned about, Al Roker soiling his pants or going commando aren’t anywhere on that list.

Why was Roker trying to pass gas in public, yet alone the White House, anyway? If Roker hadn’t been trying to sneak a stinky, this would’ve never happened to him. It pays to either hold the gas or go to the little boy’s room when nature calls. Let this be a lesson to Roker.

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  4. That is the sign of the times. These celebrities think nothing of telling personal business. The public doesn’t want to know.

  5. Very uninteresting!

    But better than a lot of commentary to the readers of “YBW” .

  6. So I guess he should have been more uppity. This is who Al is. He’s human. There’s not one person that hasn’t done this w/o having had gastric bypass so why is it so disgusting to admit that going back to work after this surgery that’s what happened. I think it’s funny! Maybe I think it’s funny because everyone in my household just got over a stomach virus. I don’t know but I do know that all of the people that find this so disgusting including the author of this piece are a bunch of stooges for trying to act like you are so above anything like this.

  7. Commando Crappy Pants Roker Reporting for Fart Patrol.

  8. ROFLOL!

  9. but who cares?

  10. Lmaoll. Really? Now that we know do we need to buy the book? Ewwww

  11. Reporters are dumber than dog poop. A little research would have revealed that after some surgeries you have very little control over those functions. I have diverticulitis and after my surgery i was crop dusting everywhere—store, church, car–you name it. I just said ‘scuse me, i have no control! Funk McLarry—LOL

  12. Leontyne Clay Peck

    Oh my…

  13. Gerard Van der Leun

    At last…. a sensible reaction.

  14. LOL That's Hilarious. I'd pay money to see the look on anyones face when that happened… I also take my hat off to anyone so brave to admit that to the world without regret.

  15. And your faithful readers needed to know this, why?

  16. why in the world would you even mention this to the WORLD? why?