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Robert Griffin III Requires Surgery After Redskins Lose Playoff Game

RG3By James Falls

Washington will have plenty of time to be concerned for their quarterback’s health since they won’t advance in the playoffs with a 24 -14 loss in the wild card game vs. Seattle.

Robert Griffin III (also known as RG3) suffered a knee injury in the fourth quarter when he tried to field a bad shotgun snap on second-and-22 on the 12 yard line of Washington. His knee buckled and he went down immediately.

The six-foot-two, 223-pound rookie walked off the field on his own power but didn’t return to the game.

According to USA TODAY Sports, Griffin’s MRI was inclusive, so the Heisman Trophy winner will travel to Pensacola, Fla. for further examination by Dr. James Andrews.

Doctors suspect that Griffin has torn his ACL. If speculations are correct, recovery could possibly take a year. Therefore, Griffin can possibly miss the entire season next year. Andrews fears that he may have done some possible damage to his lateral collateral ligament as well.

Some concerns from other teammates is that the injury was a repeat from when Griffin tore his ACL when playing for the University of Baylor. Receiver, Santana Moss, said that he is concerned with the status of RG3, hoping that he will recover quickly.

Many critics blame coach Mike Shanahan for keeping Griffin in the game while others say that they preferred Griffin in the game.

“Robert’s our quarterback , if he can go at 60%, he’s better than half the guy out there. He could barely run the last three weeks and he’s still hard to catch,” Moss said.

Griffin finished the game completing 10-of-19 for 84 yards and two touchdowns. He also carried the ball five times for 21 yards.


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