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Maria Lloyd: Why Does White America Equate Black Pride to Racism?

In a conversation discussed with fans of the Your Black World Network on Facebook, readers weighed in on whether or not being pro-black equates to being racist.


Despite the numerous and audacious indications that we are not living in a post-racial society (e.g. the economic disparity, hate crimes,  mass incarceration, etc.) Caucasian Americans still struggle with understanding the plight of the Black Community.

It appears as if a slew of Caucasians choose to ignore the plight of the Black Community, especially due to the election of President Barack Obama — who was raised by his maternal, Caucasian relatives — and insist that America has finally surpassed racism. Unless I’ve missed a significant landmark in the history of this country in the last five minutes, racism is still very much alive.

I was reading this article by — what appears to be — a Caucasian writer named Tara Dodrill. The headline reads: Reverend Jeremiah Wright Unleashes Racist Rhetoric During Sunday Sermon. I decided to read the transcript of this “racist rhetoric” Dodrill is referencing, and instead, I read an enlightening sermon that encouraged parents of the Black Community to teach their children about our history. I’m sure hearing Rev. Wright tell the congregation to teach their children “African-American history and not the one taught by our enemies who distort our history, diss our history,” could make someone who is not of the African ethnic group feel uneasy, but his remarks were far from racist. Furthermore, was his remark inaccurate?

In 2010, the Texas School Board “watered down” the history of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement in the textbooks of all of its public schools. Last year, Tennessee Tea Party members proclaimed that they wanted to remove the history of slavery from textbooks altogether. So, what is wrong with Rev. Wright’s request for parents of color to teach their children about our history? In fact, recent research has proven that instilling black pride in our children helps them excel academically.

Today on the Your Black World Facebook Fanpage, we asked our readers one question: Can a person be pro-black and not be racist? Emotions ran high during the discussion, acquiring over 10,000 readers and 60+ comments. One reader, Roosevelt W. commented: We need to be more racist. Let’s be racist and only go to Black doctors and dentist. Let’s be racist and only let Black teachers teach our kids. Let’s be racist and only buy groceries at Black stores. Let us try to be racist for 40 years because the last 40 years of kumbayaa has only led to double digit Black unemployment. Another reader, Jefferey W. commented: If I am Pro-Black and I expose white supremacy as an evil system that dominates every facet of amerikkkan society, then I am called racist for doing so, then I hold that title with pride. And Caren R. commented: Racism is about *bringing down* a group. Being pro-Black is about *lifting up* a group.

Here’s the bottom line: Being pro-black does not equate to being prejudiced/racist against another ethnicity. Please stop referring to our leaders (e.g. Min. Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Dr. Cornel West, etc.) who encourage people of color to overcome the systematic oppression placed before us as racists. Neither of the aforementioned leaders have ever encouraged the Black Community to hate those of other ethnic groups. If you can find evidence that they have, please enlighten me.

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