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Man Poisoned With Cyanide After Winning Lottery

UroojThe good book says that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and it seems that someone loved money enough to murder Urooj Khan after he won the lottery. When a person wins the lottery, it is to be expected that their friends and family will come around asking for hand-outs.

We have all heard the stories of lottery winners who suddenly have more friends and relatives after winning a huge sum of money. It’s sad to think that some of those “friends and family” would want that money so much that a person could be murdered.

A lottery winner was fatally poisoned with cyanide a day after he collected nearly $425,000 in lottery winnings, a Chicago medical examiner said Monday.

Urooj Khan died July 20, a day after a check was issued from the state’s Comptroller’s Office. The check, the lump sum on a $1 million instant lottery ticket, was cashed on Aug. 15. 

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