Limbaugh: Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jesse Jackson Want Blacks to Believe They’re Slaves

Right wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh bashed both black celebrities and activists on Monday for the attention they all pay to rush_limbaughracial issues. Limbaugh said actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx, and activists like Rev. Jesse Jackson, are trying to “make the case that there is still slavery in this country.”

In Limbaugh’s mind, blacks are just dumb enough to be convinced that in 21st century America, slavery still exists. Limbaugh also said that Democrats have tricked blacks into believing that the wealthy are stealing their money.

“It’s just like, African-Americans today can be convinced that they are still slaves,” Limbaugh said. “Jamie Foxx does it every day. Samuel L. Jackson, Rev. Jackson try to make the case that there is still slavery in this country.”

Earth to Limbaugh: Making a movie about slavery is not the equivalent of saying slavery actually exists in 2013. Was the criticism made of Spielberg, when he made Schindler’s List, that he believed the holocaust was still ongoing? Never. It is only blacks who are berated for telling our story.

Limbaugh summed it all up with a defense of the rich, saying, “Well, middle class is made to believe every day that at one point they were rich, but the rich came along and screwed them out of everything and the rich have all the money. They don’t.”

The jumping back and forth in an attempt to correlate slavery with the rich was a stretch even for Limbaugh. His segments are getting sketchier and sketchier as the years go by.



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  1. And pale constipated white winter monkeys are the scum of the Earth.

  2. Negroes are the cockroaches of humanity.

  3. Rev. George Brooks

    We should all know to not pay hardly any attention to this racist Limbaugh. But we need to be focusing more on many, even most, of these liberal whites and Jews that too many of our blacks are hanging around. For as Michael Jackson even woke up and found out about Jews, and said in his song, “they don’t care about us.” But I don’t ever hear anyone, including blacks in the media, civil rights, politics and the churches, saying a word about these anti-Jesus Jews, who always keep us near by, but still is semi-slavery status to them, with them always being in control. Just as the Jews around President Obama are doing to him. Wake up black folks. — Rev. George Brooks

  4. what if reactions to rush and his VENOM were ignored ?

    no replay,no print ,no reply ….isn’t he really a big ZERO feeding the hate-mongers ,rednecks and white citizen councils of this GREAT NATION ? so—–just remember to pray for his illness .GOD IS ABLE …

  5. what if reactions to rush and his VENOM were ignored ?

    no replay,no print ,no reply ….isn’t he really a big ZERO feeding the hate-mongers ,rednecks and white citizen councils of this GREAT NATION ? so—–just remember to pray for his illness .GOD IS ABLE …

  6. Rush would want to MISS Samuel Jackson with this mess. He don’t want none of Sam, trust me. Hush it Rush bc “VENGEANCE IS HIS”………..LMAOOOOOOOOO

  7. This the same Limbaugh that made racist comments during his first and last NFL football broadcast.

  8. thank you elizbeth you said it all.

  9. Rush your way to Hell Fire!!! Stop listening to these Enemies of our People the Biggest form of Slavery is Sports & a Job! Just ask our people about Crackers who ride on us for 8 Hours a Day!

  10. This great post by another blogger says it all.

    Geneva Chapman

    You weren’t allowed to be men, couldn’t wear a belt to keep your pants up. Now our young men refuse to wear belts & let their pants sag.

    You weren’t treated like women but like pieces of meat forced by sadistic masters to bend over and shake your behinds for their pleasure. Now young women hoist their behinds in the air & shake them in rap videos.

    You weren’t allowed to learn to read or go to school. Now many of our children drop out of schools that were integrated to give them educational opportunities & can’t read.

    You weren’t allowed to worship but would “steal away” to pray & worship. Now too many have forsaken the god of Moses you looked to for deliverance.

    You were not allowed to vote or have any of the rights of citizenship. Now too many refuse to exercise their right to vote won by great sacrifice.

    You were bred like animals & not allowed to marry. Now too many of our men breed like stud horses & don’t marry any of their children’s mothers.

    You worked hard after freedom to have your own homes & to be independent. Now far too many depend on welfare living in poverty & own nothing.

    Are we free yet?

  11. It will be nice if one day Rush Limbaugh wake up and find his honkey self black. He will kill himself. If I were as ugly as Rush limbaugh I would be nice to compensate.

  12. Leontyne Clay Peck

    Hush Rush…I'm praying for his enlightenment. Just full of venom…

  13. Limbaugh is being Limbaugh and known as a shock jock. Everything he does is motivated by shocking the audience. We progressives and liberals, are not his audience nor are his comments intended for us. He shocks those who believe he espouses truths to conservative constituents. He has always and will always be extreme and absurdly racial while promoting the most shocking hate filled messages that will bring more attention to the views of his audience.

  14. Slavery; still exists today; it is just a different kind and we are not even aware of it in some cases; we still get left out; left behind of every other race; we are last to be hired and first to be fired; first to go to jail. They hire us because they have to in some cases. We are slaves to drugs, alcohol sex and so many things.

  15. Once an ignorant Jackass, always an ignorant Jackass. And with the kind of money he makes, wonder what percent in Taxes he's paying? Bet it's less than people in the Middle Class, who really should have the lower rate to make ends meet.

  16. Rush Limbaugh is full of it. He reminds of a child who does and says things for attention. He is a non-factor in my life.

  17. First let't establish that Limbaugh's an idiot!
    That said, evidently most have not seriously considered the language in the 13th Amendment. Slavery never has been abolished in America according to the Constitution itself. SOMEBODY PLEASE READ THE 13TH AMENDMENT. The word "EXCEPT" is a provision for slavery, not an abolishment of it. All one need do is visit any State or Federal Penitentiary and you will find "MILLIONS" of 21st Century Slaves…Wake up people please.

  18. we as a people have all the infomation about this system an how it was set up. it wasn't design with us in mind. it's time to link up, only the god we trust. many of are mentally lost to weak to fight this holocaust.

  19. Rush, Hannity and OReily want white folks to believe black folks got their 40 acres and a mule after slavery and WHITE MAILE PRIVILEGE DOESN'T EXIST! SMDH

  20. SMH, Why don't you just include me in that group of people too because WE ARE STILL IN SLAVERY. Just because you redneck peckerwoods removed the shackles off our feet and neck doesn't mean slavery is over, we would be just that dumb if we thought it was over. You hillbillies are the first to shoot down our race just like animals (same as you did the slaves). You hillbillies are the first to lock us behind bars even if we are innocent for years (same as you did the slaves). You hillbillies are the first to overlook our accomplishments and give credit to white people (same as you did the slaves). WTF you mean slavery is over, you wish we was just that dumb to believe your redneck @ss.