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Limbaugh: Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jesse Jackson Want Blacks to Believe They’re Slaves

Right wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh bashed both black celebrities and activists on Monday for the attention they all pay to rush_limbaughracial issues. Limbaugh said actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx, and activists like Rev. Jesse Jackson, are trying to “make the case that there is still slavery in this country.”

In Limbaugh’s mind, blacks are just dumb enough to be convinced that in 21st century America, slavery still exists. Limbaugh also said that Democrats have tricked blacks into believing that the wealthy are stealing their money.

“It’s just like, African-Americans today can be convinced that they are still slaves,” Limbaugh said. “Jamie Foxx does it every day. Samuel L. Jackson, Rev. Jackson try to make the case that there is still slavery in this country.”

Earth to Limbaugh: Making a movie about slavery is not the equivalent of saying slavery actually exists in 2013. Was the criticism made of Spielberg, when he made Schindler’s List, that he believed the holocaust was still ongoing? Never. It is only blacks who are berated for telling our story.

Limbaugh summed it all up with a defense of the rich, saying, “Well, middle class is made to believe every day that at one point they were rich, but the rich came along and screwed them out of everything and the rich have all the money. They don’t.”

The jumping back and forth in an attempt to correlate slavery with the rich was a stretch even for Limbaugh. His segments are getting sketchier and sketchier as the years go by.



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