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High Turnover In Roles of Leadership Leaves HBCU’s In Danger

Many of the nation's 105 historically black colleges and universities lack of resources and a multitude of challenges have lead to an unprecedented number of presidential vacancies..

What’s the future of HBCU’s? It is a question that is being asked more frequently each year as historically black colleges and universities face a multitude of challenges and few resources.

Presidential turnover at HBCU’s is high, which is leaving a lot of the campuses unstable and in turmoil. By the end of 2012, at least 20 permanent HBCU presidencies were either vacant or recently filled.

President Joseph Silver of Alabama State commented on the phenomenon saying the issue of resignations is not to be taken as seriously as it is becoming. “Let’s not try to read too much into the vacancies at this point,” Silver told, adding that some of the presidents at HBCU’s were due to retirements and normal attrition.

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