ESPN’S Rob Parker Says Redskins QB RGIII ‘Pushes Away’ From His Own People

We all know the type – black people who are proud to be black until they have enough money to run away. Money can sometimes pay rob-parkerfor acceptance among other classes and races, and ESPN’s Rob Parker is, again, putting Redskins rookie quarterback RGIII in that category of  black people.

Regrettably, Robert Griffin III’s future playoffs hopes were dashed when his knee gave out during a first round game with the Seattle Seahawks. The Redskins lost 24-14, and questions were raised as to whether coach Mike Shanahan should’ve pulled RGIII from the game. That was the talk of football lovers until ESPN’s Rob Parker decided to open his mouth and stick another foot in it.

Sunday morning, Rob Parker, who is still suspended from ESPN for calling RGIII a ‘cornball brother’, spoke with WDIV-TV’s  Devin Scillian.

Parker said he was ‘shocked’ that his ‘cornball’ comments were taken out of context.

“It was never to condemn the young man,” Parker told Scillian. “RGIII is a great young man with  a bright future. It was more about concerns not condemning.”

Parker continued:

“It was just a conversation that’s had in the black community when athletes, or famous entertainers or whatever, push away from their people. And that’s really what it’s about. You saw it with O.J. Simpson, and some other people, where they say, ‘Well I’m not black, I’m O.J.’ So it’s more about that, not about RGIII and what’s going on. It’s more about this thing that we’ve battled for years and why people have pushed away from their people. It’s more about that.”

Do you agree or disagree with Parker?

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  1. Why is it so important to call those out and name those who do not care to be named among us? Why not just call what you see since race has always been overrated by everybody. Why continue to follow everybody else's lead? If it acts white and wants to be white, Allow! It's okay! There is no lost to you. You only lose when you don't look within and identify with others based upon what you see.

  2. Rob Parker just needs to shut up… WIll he ever learn?

  3. Rob parker is a complete idiot who lives in 1940's. Who cares wat he says. rg3 specifically said he didnt want to be looked at jus a running qb. I can throw a little bit is wat he said don't Just belittle me too a running qb. Give my full respect. As far as white girl or Republican. A whole bunch of black men or athletes mess With white women even the so called blackest dudes( keyshawn johnson quincy jones charles barkley julian bond harry belafonte kanye west) u can't be critical for that anymore? Rob probably mad cause the white girl he wanted didnt want him lol. And Republican rh3 is rich so who cares he in that bracket. Rg3 no Other athletes owe black People Nothing he a nfl player that it. We not in. 1940's even tho some never won't to leave That time. Athletes dont speak up for causes no more they dont havr too. Only reason they did back in the day is Because they had too cause blacks had no rights. Those same athletes would say Nothing Today. Leave rg3 alone Please rob idiot

    • You say black athletes owe nothing to black people…speak for yourself. Black athletes like Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, Jack Johnson caught hell from white folks so Negroes like RG3 could be treated with dignity and respect as a black man in America. Therefore these modern day Negro athletes like RG2 stand on the backs of those black athletes who were spit on, beat up, discrminated against, sent to jail for refusal to join a military to fight people who weren't oppressing black people, kicked out of olympics for raising fist to show support of black people being mistreated in America, cheated out of salary, etc….so don't tell us they don't owe black people anything. Without those black athletes who sacrificed millions to stand with black people who were being discriminated against in this country..if those black athletes from would have not stood up to support the black people who were sufferring in America…there would be no RG3!

    • only Jim brown say They owe More. Kareem bill russell etc. said black athletes owe People. so People need to get over them selves. this not 60's so live in 2013 no one standing uop for causes its over for that time, if obama owe Nothing a athletes owe Nothing too. u can't Have it both ways. they both cater to white fams and if speak out will lose alot. and rob parker needs to learn how to compromise Please. do ur thang rg3

    • comprehend after rob parker

    • I can explain it to you but I cannot understand it for you.

    • Stop hateing on rg3 and black athletes bra. they owe i u Nothing. rg3 is good example of a human being

    • Saying athletes like RG3 owe black people due to sacrifices made by former black athletes is hating on RG3? I stop hating when you get off his nut sack and realize athletes are public figures like rappers, musicians etc. analyzing their personal lives is a part of their profession due to their income being generated from the public and private sectors of society. If you and RG3 want a white women and support the racist Republican Party..knock yourself out, but that doesn't mean black people cannot raise questions about it you choose to be a public figure and covet our money to support your lavish lifestyle. I for one want to know if I supporting a Sambo or Uncle Tom Negro with my money. And dont get it twisted, Uncle Tom was the strong black man and Sambo was a sell out. No one is hating on RG3 Sam…I mean Marcel.

  4. I agree….. Those white women in College flock to the athletes…. It's liek they get them from the door and before you know it they are like black I'm not black I'm caulamanasion… But look my mother was Hounduran and I am what they call red skinned but what means more to me is that you lable me black lack woite judge the only thing thmen because I am proud to b what I am….. When an man searches for a wife he usually searches for someone who reflects the images in his life ( Mom, aunt or cousin). When they don't women feel like it is a slap in their face. Most blackmen say well black women are golddiggers but what I say who profected the golddigger game… And when you are confronted in front of a white judge the oly thing they see is your black skin all over their snow white.. So your Kids GONE- Your mONEY GONE- UR friends who you use to have gone except her white friend who is hoping to take your last…… Sad

    • Idk wat That had to do With rg3 and wat he said. Most black athletes with a white women don't Really get introuble. Im sure black girls didnt check for rg3 till he got money white women prolly was always loyal to him. If u Think rob parker question his blackness, im sure alot of back girls did too and tiger woods. That the real reason why those dudes interacial date. Black woman want them for superficial reasons

  5. This question is nothing new in the black community. You can go back to Jackie Robinson having to defend some of his decisions associated with race that didn't go over very well in the black community. RG3 is a public figure…therefore he is no different than any other black entertainer..i.e rapper, singer, actor etc who encounter questions about race. Yes, he has the right to live his life anyway he desires..but that doesn't mean he is immune to all the rumors, gossip, personal attacks that all the other black entertainers encounter on a daily basis. If RG3 is a nother Tiger Woods, black people have the right to know and he has the right to continue doing what he desires as a black man. Hell President Obama catch hell about his blackness everyday, his life but we have the right to know if he choose to disassociate with black people. RIGHT or WRONG..if you're famous people like Rob have the right to raise questions about people who are considered public's goes along with the territory of being famous.

  6. Race is a social construct created for politics, if ever there was anything O.J. Simpson could have said that I agreed with it would have been "I am not black, I am O.J." Too often we are reduced to the color of our skin and stripped of our own individuality because it makes other people feel better. Does that make me a "cornball brother"? Well so be it.