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Dr. Julianne Malveaux: ” F” Bombs for Harry Reid and for New York


by Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Congressman John Boehner was reelected speaker of the House of Representatives with a narrow vote.  Needing 218 votes, he narrowly clinched it with 220.  His narrow vote reflects the fact that no Democrat would vote for him and many Republicans are disillusioned of him.  Perhaps it also reflects the fact that he has so poorly comported himself that he does not deserve reelection.

Most folks who curse do it behind closed doors.  In deference to their position, they attempt to parse their public statements to reflect the dignity of the office they hold.  Not Mr. Boehner, who dropped the “f” bomb at Senator Harry Reid not once, but twice, in the middle of fiscal cliff negotiations.  To his credit Senator Reid did not respond, but behaved as if he perhaps did not hear the out-of-control Boehner.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives comported himself as intemperate, ignorant and out of control.

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