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Co-Author of “Swirling” Pens Open Letter to Kim Kardashian, Crowns Her ‘Queen of the Baby Mamas’

Kanye and Kim — also known as “Kimye” — ruffled feathers when Kanye gladly introduced his smiling, pregnant girlfriend to the audience as his “baby mama.” Christelyn Karazin, co-author of Swirling, a book that advises people on how to date interracially, decided to pen an open letter to Kim about her new role as a “baby mama.”

Karazin believes Kimye’s actions were irresponsible and set a very negative influence on young black children. In her letter, she begins by complimenting the talentless Kardashian by saying she’s “quite beautiful and financially savvy.” She also informed Kim of the staggering out-of-wedlock childbirths in the black community. Excerpts from the letter are below:

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