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Dr. Boyce Spotlight: Duchess Harris – Mother, Wife, Attorney, Extraordinary Scholar


The role of Super Woman in black America can be readily applied to a woman who can balance the relentless pursuit of academic achievement, professional success, and outstanding motherhood, all at the same time. Miriam Harris (a.k.a. Duchess) is a textbook example of what we all want our daughters to become. She is a mother of three, and has both a PhD and a law degree. The Ivy League-educated supermom is not only “about her business,” she is deeply committed to the business of using her vast intellect to make the world a better place for both women and people of color. In other words, she’s not just a Black PhD, she is actually a “Ph-Do.” AOL Black Voices was able to catch up with Professor Harris for the Dr. Boyce Watkins Spotlight:

What is your name and what do you do for a living? 
My name is Duchess Harris and I am an Associate Professor of American Studies at Macalester College.

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