Judge Forces George Clinton to Give Away “One Nation Under a Groove” to Settle Million Dollar Debt


Funk legend George Clinton is having a rough start to his 2013.  A judge just forced the great one to give away some of his most prized possessions to settle a million dollar lawsuit against him, according to TMZ.

Hendricks & Lewis won a judgment against the singer for $1.5 million, but weren’t able to collect.  Even though the suit was won in 2010, they were only able to get $340,000 out of Clinton.  As a result, the courts went after Clinton where it hurts.  A federal judge ruled that Clinton had to give up the rights to four of his classic hits:

– “Hardcore Jollies”
– “The Electric Spanking of War Babies”
– “Uncle Jam Wants You”
– “One Nation Under A Groove”

The company then has the right to do whatever they want with the songs:  They can sell them or collect the royalties.  Once the debt is cleared up, Clinton can have his songs back.


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  1. What about the millions owed to George Clinton by these record companies? Will he ever collect?

    • Kim Edwards-Anderson

      Just think he gets them back once his debts are paid. If he pays the debt up front they won't get his songs. At least it's only temporary. We have to pay our debts, so should he.

    • Not debating that at all. Just saying he was cheated and its well documented. Most music legends were cheated and werent able to collect on their royalities!

  2. Under what authority is this judge acting ? And who gave this judge the jurisdiction over George ?

  3. Hi Tech Lynching! Like Mr Park said from the first Friday”Got Damn Devils!!!

  4. It sounds pretty cut and dry but I have a feeling its anything but.. why didn’t they just order him to pay the money with the next immediate royalties himself? Sounds like getting the songs back won’t be as simple as stated here. Those songs are legendary, also the sounds! Now someone else has control of them??(shudder)

  5. Damn!..:(
    but if we as his people can get folks to use his music quickly then we can get his $760k! debt paid quicker & get his music back to him asap!

  6. When you don't really know the business side of the entertainment industry, you.
    will continuously suffer financially like most in the industry.

  7. Delwyn Xavier Campbell

    Who wrote this headline? It does not accurately reflect the facts of the story, and implied that Clinton permanently lost possession of his intellectual property. In fact, he only lost the royalties until the debt is paid – a totally different event!

  8. That is very sad! I hope things work out for him eventually…

  9. This is sad, since a lot of musicians and athletes have financial problems when their careers are over. As a Finance Professor, I'd love to help more of them out, but a lot of them don't listen to good advice until they really, really need it.

    • Damn!!!

    • SMH….Was this really necessary?

    • This isn't first time George Clinton has been in financial trouble.

    • Sherry Gillard-Collier

      The upside is that they only get to exploit the music until Clinton's debt is cleared. As long as the plaintiffs were ordered to use their best efforts to exploit the songs for the most amount of money and consistent with the integrity of the music, then Clinton should be ok. However, if they weren't ordered to use their best efforts to hurry up…Clinton could be without ownership for awhile and during peak periods of time where his songs would normally be requested to be used like funk festivals, sampling etc. Best wishes for him.

    • Heeeeeeeelllllll naaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bj Janice Peak-Graham

      For so many Black people, assets in land,intellectual property seizures are used as ways in which to diminish the person and to secure unreasonable, but legal victories in the context of disdain of Black accomplishments. Eminent domain in the South, based on faulty tax records, violations of tax code caused so many to lose land which was traditionally part of progressive economies in Black communities. Those lands are now part of the "epic Southern downtown development plan and schemes". I am sure if there is a close investigation of the tax and local redevelopment records there are huge violations. To the subject, why couldn't he use the rights as collateral and where are other entertainers to assist ?

    • So does this mean, Sir Nose, The Brides of Funkenstein, and The Funkadelics can now leave with the "Mothership"?!?!

  10. I'm not clear how he can get them back if they're sold by his creditors. What happens to the new owner(s)? How do they recoup their costs? Or does George have to buy them back?

    • It's a clean cut robbery. (example: The buyer pay 1 million for the songs and make George pay 10 million to get them back.) He will lose either way, buy back or let them keep it. It would have been easier if he had just paid his debt and kept his rights to everything. I hope other artists learn from his mistakes.

    • Whew at least it wasn't flashlight.

    • I hope Bootsy Collins buy all of them from whomever is currently holding them in their possession.

  11. By George! yu can get it back!
    "One Nation under a groove = $$$$".

  12. Fair enough! He will get the songs back after his debt is cleared. They gave him plenty of time to settle his debts. Three years, 2010 – 2013 and he avoided it with some chump change of less than a half of million (340,000). These celebraties be sitting on a gold mine avoiding IRS and lawsuit, once it hit the Federal Courthouse they want to play innocents. PAID YOUR DEBTS!