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Judge Forces George Clinton to Give Away “One Nation Under a Groove” to Settle Million Dollar Debt


Funk legend George Clinton is having a rough start to his 2013.  A judge just forced the great one to give away some of his most prized possessions to settle a million dollar lawsuit against him, according to TMZ.

Hendricks & Lewis won a judgment against the singer for $1.5 million, but weren’t able to collect.  Even though the suit was won in 2010, they were only able to get $340,000 out of Clinton.  As a result, the courts went after Clinton where it hurts.  A federal judge ruled that Clinton had to give up the rights to four of his classic hits:

– “Hardcore Jollies”
– “The Electric Spanking of War Babies”
– “Uncle Jam Wants You”
– “One Nation Under A Groove”

The company then has the right to do whatever they want with the songs:  They can sell them or collect the royalties.  Once the debt is cleared up, Clinton can have his songs back.


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