5 Things You Never Knew about The Cosby Show

the cosby show

1) The show was originally pitched to ABC, who rejected it.  They are probably still regretting that one to this day.

2) The show was not only given credit by TV guide for reviving the Sit-com genre, it also opened the door for the release of other great shows, like “In Living Color” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

3) Originally, the Huxtables only had four children.  But after the pilot, they decided to create a fifth child, Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf)

4) Bill Cosby’s character started off with the name “Clifford.”   It was changed to “Heathcliff” later on down the road.  Also,  Theo was referred to by Vanessa as “Teddy” twice in the first episode.  They later changed his name too (Teddy does sound corny, doesn’t it?)

5) Bill Cosby’s original concept for the show wasn’t middle class.  Actually, his vision featured a main character who was a limousine driver, with a stay-at-home wife with two sons and two daughters.  The other creators of the show, Marcy Carsey and Tom Warner, actually wanted the family to be financially well-off, with the father as a doctor and the mother as an attorney.  Little did they know, this might be the last time that black people would see a successful family on television for years.


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  1. White folks have hijacked just about everything that Black people have created, and are passing it on to even our kids as their inventions and creations. Most of the shows that the children watch with rapping, dancing, singing are just about lilly white with a few token Blacks thrown in here and there. I am sick of it, but all of this comes down to our disunity…..

  2. GREAT SHOW!! It did more for African American families than any of the BET and TV One buffonery shows!! The Tyler Perry shows give the other side of Black America as most of us know it!!

  3. One of the last great, clean, non-ironic family sitcoms. I doubt they would put a sitcom on the three major networks today of this quality, wholesome values, and universal appeal, with any family such as this, black or white. But, then again, I grew up watching every single one of Mr. Cosby's great sitcoms, from the original "Bill Cosby Show" in the late '60s (gym teacher, Chet Kincaid), to the original "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", where if you're not careful, you might learn something (and I usually did!). One day, he WILL receive the credit he deserves for all the great entertainment he has provided to all Americans over the years. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  4. William H Leonard

    The show was great and it showed a black family living with positive imagages.

  5. “LOVED” the Cosby show they all had incredible chemistry and Energy. my two favorite episodes is when Deneice shrunk Theo’s shirt and he had a huge Event to attend in a few hours HILARIOUS! and.. when the family all sang Ray Charles The Nite time Is the right time. Little Rudy killed it!!! LOL Great family oriented show I’d LOve!! to see those two Episodes along with purchasing a Throwback DVD Combo of all of theose memorable shows. :-)

  6. I too would love to get the episodes of all the seasons on DVD!
    Entertaining, educational and a positive influence of African American culture.

  7. Totally agree with cookie. Fantastic show!

  8. still one of the best family shows ever made, I learned so much from it. Artwork, music, history, HBCU, family values and so much more. It was simply the best.

  9. A Dr. and an Atty. in the same Black family. WOW. That seems like a Pres. and graduate of the Harvard School of Law in the same Black family. WOW. Did I say TWO GRADUATES? Must be an impossibility. Great shows.

  10. Exactly shaped me forever!

  11. The Best!

  12. Loved that show and that time of watching us on tv, very positive imagines for me growing up.