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5 Things You Never Knew about The Cosby Show

the cosby show

1) The show was originally pitched to ABC, who rejected it.  They are probably still regretting that one to this day.

2) The show was not only given credit by TV guide for reviving the Sit-com genre, it also opened the door for the release of other great shows, like “In Living Color” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

3) Originally, the Huxtables only had four children.  But after the pilot, they decided to create a fifth child, Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf)

4) Bill Cosby’s character started off with the name “Clifford.”   It was changed to “Heathcliff” later on down the road.  Also,  Theo was referred to by Vanessa as “Teddy” twice in the first episode.  They later changed his name too (Teddy does sound corny, doesn’t it?)

5) Bill Cosby’s original concept for the show wasn’t middle class.  Actually, his vision featured a main character who was a limousine driver, with a stay-at-home wife with two sons and two daughters.  The other creators of the show, Marcy Carsey and Tom Warner, actually wanted the family to be financially well-off, with the father as a doctor and the mother as an attorney.  Little did they know, this might be the last time that black people would see a successful family on television for years.


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