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ESPN Analyst Gets Nasty Racist Letter and Posts it On Twitter



Jemele Hill from ESPN has been vocal about some of the racism she faces while doing her job.  The respected commentator got a nasty letter, likely one of many, and decided to post it on twitter.  This got the internet buzzing, since it gave the public insights into what black commentators sometimes deal with on a daily basis.

But Hill likely understands that when you speak in front of millions of people, this sort of thing is going to happen.  Hill joked that the man who sent the letter had “a hat trick of racial slurs.”

This is the second time in weeks that an ESPN analyst has been mired in racial controversy.  Another personality, Rob Parker,was booted from the network for asking if Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was a “real brother” or a “cornball brother.”  We’re not sure how ESPN is going to respond to this racial controversy, but we doubt they are going to react in the same way as they did in Parker’s situation.



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