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Wife of Former Baseball Star Andruw Jones Wants a Divorce and to Dump Her Prenuptial Agreement


Former Atlanta Braves star Andruw Jones is not only having legal problems, he’s also going to be in divorce court.   Just one week after the player allegedly grabbed his wife’s neck and threatened to kill her, the player’s spouse has filed divorce papers.

Nicole Jones is seeking a divorce, which is likely going to land her a huge financial settlement, stating that their 10-year relationship is “irretrievably broken.”  The papers were filed in Atlanta and make no mention of the recent incident, which occurred on Christmas morning. That’s when Jones was arrested for battery.

Nicole Jones’ lawyer, John Mayoue, doesn’t have much to say about what happened.  Nicole is seeking joint legal and primary custody of their nine-year old son.   She is also asking for child support and half of the couple’s property. She signed a prenuptial agreement before marrying Jones, but now wants to have the agreement voided.
Nicole Jones is seeking joint legal and primary custody of the couple’s nine-year-old son, the complaint said.

She is asking for child support, alimony and half of the couple’s property. She also wants a judge to declare their prenuptial agreement null and void.

Nicole says that on the morning in question, which was really night (1:30 am), Jones dragged her down some steps after she asked him to help her prepare the house for Christmas morning.  She also says that the allegedly drunken athlete then threatened to kill her.  She pushed him off of her and went to her parents’ house, according to the police report.
Police say that they found injuries on her neck, indicating that the couple indeed had an altercation.  Police said that when they got to the house, they found Jones passed out.  He was arrested that night and released on bond.  Jones just signed a $3.5 million dollar contract to play for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Japan’s Pacific League.
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