TV Boycott: 63 Percent of People Will Not Watch Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas”

63 Percent of Urban Daily Readers Said They Will Not Watch Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas".

Oxygen Network’s upcoming reality tv series starring Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and 10 of his children’s mothers, is probably going to have a difficult time acquiring advertisers. “All My Babies’ Mamas” is a show about Shawty Lo’s chaotic life dealing with 10 women who gave birth to his 11 children. Announcement of the show’s 2013 unscheduled debut hit the web and immediately sparked outrage amongst prominent figures in the African American community.

Esteemed scholar and finance expert Dr. Boyce Watkins asked:  “What the h*ll is wrong with Oxygen?” in an op-ed blasting the upcoming show. “Commercialized hip-hop’s steady formula of excessive drug/alcohol consumption, promotion of gun violence, financial irresponsibility and s*xual promiscuity does a great job of keeping us on the psychological plantation,” he said. Sabrina Lamb, of New York, drafted a petition calling for the cancellation of the show’s premiere. With the petition’s subtitle reading “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” Lamb expresses concern for Shawty Lo’s 11 children stating: “As dysfunctional and violent as so-called reality shows are, could you ever imagine a one hour spectacle where 11 children are forced to witness their 10 unwed mothers clamor for financial support, emotional attention and sexual reward from Shawty-Lo, the apathetic ‘father’?”

It appears as if Lamb’s petition has acquired some steam, as more than 5,000 people have signed it and according to a poll conducted on, 63% of their 2,453 poll respondents said they will not be tuning in to watch the show.


Will you watch the show?


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  1. Well, no one has to guess why society thinks Black women are tramps and worse. These women had babies on purpose for money, now to embarrass other Black women that make a statement of stupidity.

    The majority of Black women would not have gotten pregnant by this clown. The first two were dumb enough but the other 8 have lost all self-respect.

    Since 1964 there should be no woman having a child by ‘accident’, these babies may have low self-esteem; even more, low regards for their mothers.

    • I hear you Joyce, the first baby should teach any woman its hard out there without any education. I wish I could start a organization for these young girls. start at age 10 and and up whom have not gotten pregnant yet.Teach them birth control is out there if they have to have sex.
      These kids get these jobs at the burger king or something and they actually think they can take care of these babies. We need to teach them some pride. MOST of thesekids Mama’s had them when they was kid, so they think its alright for them! Its pitiful!

  2. Will every self-righteous ‘brother’s keeper’ here agree to financially enrich this extended family by extending money to them…should they all agree to NOT appear on the show? Didn’t think so…

  3. Everybodys an Actor ir Actress omg fa realzzzzz Bitchzzzzzzzz

  4. I can’t even imagine myself watching this show. There is no more positive tv shows to watch. I think it is a disgrace to watch a show about a rapper and his ten baby mommas. What are we putting in our childrens heads when they watch this mess. Black America wake up. This is a travisty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I won’t watch this garbage, but to refer to Boyce as an esteemed scholar, is equally as demeaning, and insulting as this show. Boyce, is nothing but a race hustler, and a stooge for the republican tea baggers.

  6. This depicts how ignorant folks live, and waste their talents. I expected this guy to have more about himself, rather than to impregnate so many gullible women.

  7. New school blaxploitation.


  8. He's a clown for having that many baby mommas and a idiot for trying to make a show about it. There's other way to get paid.

  9. The headline is misleading, 63% of less than 25 hundred poll respondents still leaves a lot of leeway for this miserable excuse of a show to hit the airwaves. It's about going after the sponsors. that will keep the pressure on!

  10. > This is why 75% of all black children have ADD which stands for ( Absent Daddy Disorder ) <.

  11. What’s the problem? I think those reality shows are somewhat scripted and the characters are designed to entertain by looking and acting stupid while making lots of money. Black people are judged too harshly when they compete in the money-making business. Leave them along. Let them make money too. If you don’t want to watch the show, then don’t. Besides, what prominent figures in the African American community? Why don’t you take a look at their spouses and see what you find. So I ask again, to what prominent figures in the African American community are you referring?

  12. I will be killing any brain cells at all watching this crap!!!

  13. I wil not watch this ignorance im really shocked at oxygen anything gor a dollar

  14. Lol. U niggas is hateing and need something to do stop having sex with lames and out of wedlock. Shawty lo show ain't gon impact ur family let him eat. This is his life yale need to speak on real issues in our community not this.

  15. I think its he really happy to show the world how careless he is about sex? There's nothhing mature or interesting about that. People like him bring more &more shame to our race. Do anything for money.Our ancestors fought for us to be treated equally &ppl like him are the reason why we still get stereotyped&judged so babdly.just sheer ignorance.what purpose will the show serve other than showing his disregard to women&commitment. And to exploit those women for his quick comeup is just tragic.

    • While I agree that Shorty Low is irreponsible, you need to put some of your blame on these women. How is he exploiting these women. They freely slept with him, some knowing he has multiple children. You can't put all the irresponsibility on him, there is enough to go around. As far as his disregard for women, what does this say about their disregard for themselves. Were they willing participants in an effort to look for a child support check, and if you don't think money has anything to do with it, then why are they so willing to put this spectacle in front of TV Camera's for all the world to see.

  16. Charlotte Washington Imvu

    Since I don't support abortions why should I support boycotting a man from using any means necessary to make a difference to care for his babies? Leave this family alone and go after dead beat parents..

    • smh anything for reality tv show like we dont see enough of this garbage on cable that you pay so high for.

    • @charlotte evidently you didnt see the clip of the show, cause if you did, you would not make that statement. if he was so concerned about caring for his kids, he would get a REAL job. furthermore he could barely recall the names of all his kids…thats a caring dad for sure.

    • And there is a such thing as birth control. This idiot is doing nothing but contributing to the stereotype. This is why African Americans can never move forward because of stuff like this. Yep I hope it never gets air time. Him and all those dumb a– women should not have had all those kids.

    • The point is, any man dealing with that many women needs to use protection, also the women. I wonder how many of his mama's are welfare queens. I hope for the children's sake the Mothers are working……..if not, it's a sad day for reality.

  17. No I wont be watching that stupidness!

  18. Seem to me he needs the show to help take care of all those children. Its his life let him live it! IJS Brother got to eat!

  19. I don't watch any of these shows. I don't like the drama. I appreciate my simple drama free lifestyle.

  20. Kamau Nkosi Mtalamu

    I don't care for the show myself. But it looks as if he's taking care of them.Seriously! No one looked hungry or abused. Maybe we should get together and boycott dead beat dads and leave Shawty Lo alone.

    • I don't feel sorry for his dumb ass, him and those dumb ass women should not have had all those kids. Hasn't he heard of birth control? Yep I hope they never show his show. He's just contributing to the stereotype.

  21. Here's a prediction. A lot of people will watch the first episode, especially after so much free publicity has been provided by the hoopla. But the sad dysfunction and obvious disregard Shawty Lo and his baby manas have for themselves, one another and the unfortunate children will make the show anything but a hit. Maybe they'll make it through one season, but Shawty shouldn't give up his day job.

    • Who watch's Oxygen anyway? I don't watch it nor do I watch those type of reality shows, because they are not in my world. The very sad side effect of this reality show is that many young people will become unfazed of this type of dysfunctional family situation and think that it is normal,,,,,

  22. The real question is what is wrong with the 37 percent looking forward to watching this mess.

  23. from what I know about black people that number will be much lower than 63% they will watch til there is no more remember Flavor Flav I'm just saying these people know how and who target there will be a great number watching this I wont be one….Wish I was wrong.

  24. "Outrage amongst prominent figures in the African American community" <=== extremely overstatement "prominent figures" no they are not prominent figures in the African American community they are prominent figures to Uncle Tom their slave master. People only wear the title "African" American because it makes them feel connected to their ancestors but the truth is ===> AFRICAN you are not and do not tell anyone born in Africa you are AFRICAN. You are the slave master breed and you breed his hatred towards your ancestor roots.

    • are you saying "all" African Americans breed the slave masters hatred towards their ancestor roots?

    • Black Americans never have called our selves African. African-American came about from black people so we could classify our self as a people not only race. First and foremost we are Americans and there is a Black America that we control.