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Man Gets Locked Up For Stealing $1.29 Honey Bun and Fleeing on Bicycle

Everyone knows times are hard, but committing a crime and going to jail is never worth it. This is especially true if what you’re stealingBrandon-Phillips honey bun isn’t sustenance, but a sugary treat with absolutely no nutritional value. An 18 year old learned this the hard way when he was arrested for stuffing a $1.29 iced honey bun down his pants and trying make a quick getaway.

Local affiliate WKMG reports:

Brandon Phillips was arrested on misdemeanor charges of retail petit theft, resisting arrest without violence and resisting in the recovery of merchandise.

 According to Palm Bay police, Phillips stuffed the Honey Bun into his sweatpants while he was inside the 7-Eleven at 6405 Minton Road on Dec. 28.

A store manager told police that he witnessed the theft and confronted Phillips, who fled on a bicycle.

The Palm Beach police who responded to the scene were serious about the recovery of the honey bun, going so far as to use K-9 dogs to hunt for Phillips, who they found in a wooded lot not far from the 7-11.

Although Phillips bike was also found near the scene, the honey bun was nowhere to be found. We can only presume that Phillips had eaten the tasty treat before police arrived at the scene.

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