Family of Colorado Mass Shooting Victims Pen a Nasty Letter to Movie Theater

Twenty-five-year-old James Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 inside a Colorado movie theater. Families of the victims are devastated by Cinemark's request for them to attend the re-opening of its theater.
Colorado Mass Shooter James Holmes

As the public prepares to hear the gruesome 911 phone calls, see video recordings, and hear heart-wrenching testimonies during the prosecutors hearing next week for the Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting that killed 12 people and injured 70 others, the family members of the victims penned an anguished letter to Cinemark — the company that owns the movie theater where their loved ones were gunned down.

Cinemark sent letters to the families, inviting them to “a special evening of remembrance” before the theater reopens on Jan. 17. The families of eight victims were infuriated by Cinemark’s invitation and sent a letter to the company calling the gesture “disgusting.”

Here’s the family’s response to the invitation: “During the holiday we didn’t think anyone or anything could make our grief worse but you, Cinemark, have managed to do just that by sending us an invitation two days after Christmas inviting us to attend the re-opening of your theater in Aurora where our loved ones were massacred. Thanks for making what is a very difficult holiday season that much more difficult. Timing is everything and yours is awful... We would give anything to wipe the carnage of that night out of our minds’ eye. Thank you for reminding us how your quest for profits has blinded your leadership and made you so callous as to be oblivious to our mental anguish.”

Holmes is facing 166 counts of murder, attempted murder, and a slew of other offenses. He expected to seek the insanity defense in the case.

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  1. Why do you guys keep showing this murderer’s face. You are just like the rest of the sensationalize media. There is no way we should give this guy a platform.

  2. What a bunch of whiners. These people would have been bitching, whining, moaning and complaining if they weren’t invited. It is not the theater’s fault this happened.

    Blame it on UC medical center and the rest of the people that ignored this idiot’s behavior.

    Sheesh, get a life.

  3. Whatevs– if the movie theater hadn't sent an invitation and just reopened the place then someone would have been pissed about that. The hard brutal truth is life goes on. Their not going to close down the theater 'cause something awful happened there- if that was the case then we shouldn't have rebuilt the twin towers.

    • yeah & , blowing them up was part of the reason .. too damn old to rehab ,, commercial space in a freaking shopping center a little different than NYC high rise… just slightly

    • Ross, I saw this on the news and said the same thing. Until i heard the whole story. It turns out the theater sent nothing to the families offering condolences or anything up to this point. the broadcast i saw gave a feeling of Cinemark using the situation to make more money for the reopening of the theater.

    • @ JP- I'dl bet a paycheck they didn't send any condolences on the advice of their lawyers. Companies (and individuals) have to be real careful when apologizing, offering sympathies, condolences etc- Later that apology could be used against them in a civil trial. Could be construed as accepting responsibility for the incident (in this case a massacre). I guess condolences would have changed things a bit but the truth of the matter is the theater nor anyone that worked there was responsible for this scum's actions. I feel bad for the folks that lost loved ones but I still think even if they had tried to reopen quietly it would have rubbed people the wrong way. Unless they let people in for free – then no matter what they'd be accused of trying to profit. But then again what if they had said "in remembrance of the victims- every one gets in free for reopening" I think that also would have been upset people too. Unfortunately I don't think there is any way they could have reopened the place in a way that would satisfy everyone.

  4. I don't see any reason for a response like that… They are trying to show affection towards the victims and they get this treatment? Ridiculous. I can understand missing the family on holidays and I also agree this wasn't a good time to send them invitations but they are not responsible for what happened and it seems like they are doing what they can to honor the victims.

  5. close the damn place & move on , that is 'meaning no harm '.

    • So the families of the theater is going to not provide for there families because someone else dum actions. That's even more F up. They have been closed all this time don't u think they need to make a living aswell

  6. Dat mf look Crazy n Scarey to me. An I Don't think Cinemark meant any harm by inviten the Familes I mean damn if they do damn if they don't. But I do Feel dat they Care about the Families… God Bless

  7. His azz need to stay in jail oh fucker