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DiCaprio Says Co-Stars Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson Encouraged Him to Use the “N” Word

Rappers may use the “N” word without hesitation, but actor Leonardo DiCaprio said using the “N” during the filming of DJangojamie foxx and samuel jacksonUnchained took some getting used to.

During an interview with ABC news, DiCaprio said,  “I’ve gotta say, the first day on set was incredibly difficult for me… The language is hard for us as actors to say and some of the things that my character does are obviously atrocious. But, you know, they [Foxx and Jackson] both sat me down, we were all sitting around the table, and they said, ‘You know if you don’t take this character to the utter extreme, if you don’t speak the truth about the way we were treated at that time, then people will think that this is sugar coated. That you’re not telling the truth.”

It seems that the “N” word, used over 100 times in this movie, is just as much of a star in the film as Foxx, Tarrantino, and Jackson.

Not only did Samuel L. Jackson encourage DiCaprio to use the “N” word, he’s also been having a little fun of his own with the word.

When reporter  Jake Hamilton asked Jackson about Django Unchained‘s unending use of the “N” word, Jackson acted as though he didn’t know which “N” word the reporter was  referencing.

“No? Nobody? None?” Jackson pretended. ”The word would be…”

In the end, Hamilton refused to be goaded into using the word, and moved on to another question.

Watch the full interview with DiCaprio, Foxx, and Jackson interview here.

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