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African Americans Show Support For Tarantino’s Django Unchained At Box Office

django2Over the weekend African Americans came out in strong support of the Quentin Tarantino’s latest hit film, Django Unchained. 42% of Django’s initial audience was African American, in spite of the N-Word being used over 100 times. According to TWC, the percentage of African Americans, supporting the movie, is holding steady at 30%. TWC president of distribution said, “Django is playing well to African-Americans and to audiences across the board. You can’t have these kind of numbers otherwise. It’s getting everybody,”

The movie was boycotted by filmmaker and director, Spike Lee, who refused to see the movie, as he called it ‘disrespectful to his ancestors’. But Lee’s ranting fell mostly on deaf ears, as African Americans have proven to be very receptive, with the first New York City tester audience being predominantly black.

Django grossed $77.8 million in North America. It fell shy of the number one spot, coming in at number 2, for the New Year’s weekend. The Hobbit took the number one spot. TWC will release the film internationally. It is expected to make back it’s $87 million production cost and crush Tarantino’s $120 million earned for Inglorious Basterds, in the coming weeks.


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