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Former NBA Player Latrell Sprewell Arrested for Playing Music Too Loudly

NBA Legend Latrell Sprewell -- Arrested for Blaring Music ... Worst New Year's Ever |


Whenever we talk about players who made the right decisions, along come the players who seem determined to make the wrong ones.  Latrell Sprewell, formerly of the New York Knicks, was arrested this week for playing his music too loudly.  This might seem to be a small issue for most, but if you recall, Sprewell was also the guy who choked his coach during practice and was nearly kicked out of the league for the rest of his life.

Anger management might be the issue, or the need to simply rebel against everything around him.  But most people who’ve followed the NBA for years remember Sprewell to be a guy who could show tremendous talent at times, but could also be a poisonous liability to his teammates.  At 42-years old, jail is not a good look for anyone.

According to law enforcement, Latrell was arrested for disorderly conduct following multiple complaints from neighbors about the volume of music coming from his Milwaukee home.

Police wouldn’t release details about Sprewell’s arrest, but said they had received two noise complaints within one hour — and several others in the months preceding Monday’s incident.

42-year-old Sprewell was booked into jail at 9:16 PM, but wasn’t released until after midnight.


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