“All My Babies’ Mamas”: A Single Mother Speaks Against Shawty Lo’s Critics


Most of you voiced pretty strong opinions about the new Oxygen reality show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” featuring the hip-hop artist Shawty Lo, his 10 mothers and their 11 children.  But one voice that hasn’t been heard is the one of the mothers’ themselves.  While we couldn’t get any of the babies’ mamas to talk, we did hear from a woman who had a child with a man who “got around.”  She gives her point of view, which should be respected.  The article was provided to us by the site, which makes no secret about the fact that they believe that black people should not be trying to contribute to the “baby-mamaitis” that is occurring in the black community. 

The woman’s article certainly presents a relevant and appreciated point of view, but begs the question:  Is it healthy for kids to be raised in a situation where they are spread between households, don’ t get the money they need and barely get two seconds of time with their father?  Shawty Lo might be a rapper, but he hasn’t had a hit song in years.  So, we’re willing to bet that the average amount of money that each child gets in support isn’t very high.  Secondly, he might present the image that he spends time with his kids, but if he’s busy touring and working in the studio, does he REALLY have the ability to give his kids what they need?

The letter from the single mom is below.  For the record, we at Your Black World think that Oxygen should yank the show, since this is probably not the best that the black community can offer to the world. 

An Anonymous Letter

Hi.  I’d like to keep my name anonymous because of the sensitive nature of one of your Facebook poststoday.  You posted a video about a man and his baby mamas getting a show on Oxygen.  I have to tell you.  I’m one of those women.

No, I won’t appear on the show and never met, Shawty Lo, but I’m an African-American woman who fell in love with a man who had more kids than he could count and am now one of his baby mamas.  At first, I took your attack on the show very personally, but kept reading the comments of people and I definitely see the point.  Yes, we as a culture need to do better by our children by putting them in two parent homes with long-loving relationships as their guide, but we all know that’s just not the world we live in.  To enslave us, White people would often separate African-American families.  I see a lot of people thinking this show does the same thing in 2013, but I also know something else to be true.  There was a time no matter how right or wrong someone was we embraced each other and raised our children in a village.  There were all kinds of reasons parents didn’t have nuclear families (masters raping slaves comes to mind, and the aforementioned separation when families were sold), but in the end we didn’t sit around and gossip or if we did we made sure that when that child or even his mother came around they had food, shelter, and the wise counsel of the elders on how to push on.  I consider you to be that elder.  You have counseled many on various shows, why not step in to counsel these people or at least give some insight as to how to go on versus looking back.



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