Martin Lawrence Allegedly Suing Trinidad James for Portrayal of Jerome Rome Character

It is rumored that Martin Lawrence is not happy with Trinidad James and is considering suing him for stealing the imagery of his character Jerome.

It looks like the $2 million record deal that Trinidad James was allegedly paid may not be enough to secure his future from the legal threat that lies ahead.

Rumors are swarming that Martin Lawrence is not pleased with Trinidad James’ portrayal of his character Jerome Rome. Lawrence’s famed sitcom Martin featured Jerome — a loud talking, gold teeth wearing, afro rocking, word slurring character — that was portrayed by Lawrence over the years. Many fans of Martin believe Trinidad James is a reincarnation of Jerome Rome.

Gerald Levin, a person who allegedly has close ties to Martin was quoted saying “Nobody’s that unattractive in real life. Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that.” The initial source for the news claims Levin is the creator of the show; however, reputable source IMDb lists Martin Lawrence, John Bowman, and Topper Carew as the show’s creators.

Do you believe Trinidad James stole his image from Jerome Rome?

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  2. really….. well if anybody should get some money for Jerome-y rome it should be Martin and maybe us too since we watched fell in love with and continue to celebrate who "Jerome" is and was to us all and if that is the case then maybe just maybe Trinidad James shouldn't be sued –if this is a real story in the first place file that under >> who cares.

  3. I’m not feeling these Cats nobody is Original anymore Biting on other people’s style! Swinging on Balls like Venus & Her Sister lol Be Gay or just look that way & wear some skinny jeans! No Originality! Damn!

  4. Omg Luvu Martin ur sooo Funny. But Business is just datget dat shit handled…

  5. Tamara Wethelionsyoudacheetahs Graham

    Trinidad's music is trash. Martin is right and young dude is corny.

  6. Well, lets sue Martin, I know guys from the hood that look like that. He got these guys from the hood. They should come out the wood works saying Dats me.

  7. So what he took of jerome martin u should be glad somebody what to look like datz okay let it go shit u pay

  8. OMG, Martin Lawrence I love your sitcoms and movies but for real bro, you need to look at this from another viewpoint. Your character (Jerome Rome) was famous and Trinidad saw him as a role model. Instead of "suing" him, why not just do a legal contract with him and get paid off his appearance (image) of your character. Two million lawsuit vs a lifetime $$$ contract. THINK BIG!