Yvette Carnell: 5 Dumbest Responses to My ‘What’s the Matter with Black People’ Article

by Yvette Carnell

There’ve been quite a few responses to my Christmas Eve list, 5 Reasons Why the African-American Community is (Still) Failing, sstop_complaining1o many, in fact, that I’ve decided to respond to a few of the comments.

I’ve taken these responses from all around the web, including my own Facebook page, reddit, here at YourBlackWorld, and the comments sections of other blogs. I’ve paraphrased some of the comments to protect the stupid.

“i see no plan [yvette] delivered with this harsh truth, except…”

Oh, c’mon?! Really? You’re asking me for a plan on how you should run your life? As I said here, it’s not my job to give you a power point or hold your wee wittle hand. And you don’t need Al Sharpton to show up at a rally in order for you to stop doing the five self-defeating things I listed in my article. Know what you’re doing right now though, with that ‘give me a plan’ nonsense? You’re trying to wiggle your way out of making any changes to your values and their mirrored behaviors.

Listen. You don’t have to like what I say. I don’t like it when I get a cramp while I’m running. But biology happens. And consequences follow actions. To throw out everything I’ve said because I didn’t offer you a *plan* makes no sense, and somewhere deep down, you know it.

“it’s not just black people, I know white people who do some of the same things..”

And? Did I ever say that the problems I listed only impact African-Americans? No. Never. There are probably more Tea Partiers who’ve lost their minds to religious zealotry than African-Americans who are still in the pews of *Bishop* Eddie Lee Long or Wiley Jackson. So what? Why should you care? The point is, this sort of foolishness disproportionately impacts us, and so we should face it and fix it.

“…bull crap lady…”

Yeah, you’re all about intelligent conversation, huh? Why did you even bother to comment? Wouldn’t it have been more productive for you to just turn over in bed and fart?

“Why not write an article on 5 ways the black community can heal, receive strength, peace and an entrepreneurial spirit..”

Because the hippies were wrong. The world doesn’t care about you, or me, or how we feel, or how much peace we have.  The world, and the people who inhabit it, only care about what we can provide that is of value. That’s it.  Even Oprah, who invited spiritual gurus such as Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson on her show to help you live your best life, would’ve been out of a job had she not  provided viewers with a show they actually valued more than whatever else was on at 4PM.

And you know how you build an entrepreneurial spirit? By actually starting a business. By actually building something that you’re proud of that your people will support. Wanna feel better about yourself? Build something. Heal through hard work.

“…dream big? surviving is dreaming big when your life is made so cheap..”

Surviving is not the same as thriving. We’ve been merely surviving for over 400 years. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things. There is a reason why other minority communities are, as I’ve already mentioned, running rings around us. Yes, racism is real. But what does that have to do with how Habib, fresh off the plane from India, can get a 1600 on the SAT while Lil Man doesn’t even bother to take the test? Did the white man do that too? Or is that bad parenting? Why do some young black men have no problem selling crack poison, but view McJobs as beneath them? Is that part of what it means to survive?

I’m sorry, people, but if all you can tell me is that we’re already thriving, or that we should be focusing on kumbaya and peace, then just back the f*ck up and make room for Habib and Zhi Peng, because they’re about to steal your kid’s future.

And if you don’t believe in anything I’ve written, no worries.  Here’s a picture of black people holding up little baggies of fried chicken sandwiches:




Yvette Carnell is a former Capitol Hill and campaign staffer turned writer. She is currently an editor and contributor to Yourblackworld. You can reach Yvette via Twitter @YvetteDC or on Facebook.



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  1. Yes, Lord!!!!

  2. It’s like you read my mind and spoke the words I either didn’t have the courage to say or I just couldn’t articulate them as well…Well said and very insightful…

  3. I enjoyed your first article very much Yvete. In fact, I saved it. however, with your graceless handling of criticism, you reveal yourself to bea soul-less and bitter black woman. YOU Yvette, Ms. High and Mighty, is what is wrong with black women – can't tell you nothin! I hold you up to all readers of this as an example of how NOT to behave.

    Btw, Oprah's success was a result of her empathy and compassion for others. She didn't stay off as Suzie Orman, she was always a humanitarian. I can't say the same for you.

  4. I actually agree with you on all points except one. We do not need to quit Christianity when a Bishop,pastor fouls out that is between him and God. Our job as Christians(if you are one you are inclided) is to take the bible and put it intoi action in our lives. Therde ois a portion of scipture in the Book of James that states faith wothout works is dead in laymans terms pray to God for success then get up off your butt and go to work get a dgree or learn trade and maybe start a business. GO TO WORK!!!!

  5. You are so right! I raised 2 boys by myself, one took the fast pace, the other is a perfect family man. I went back to school and at the age of 58 graduated with a bachelor's and honors. I tell my grandkids and my boys, u are the captain of your fate…no one is going to give u anything!

  6. The truth, it sometimes hurts.

  7. Straight with no chaser…I dig it!

  8. Richard BigJezus Page

    You bring up some very Valid points. My only problem is with Item #5 "We're Christians", Ms Carnell I would like to ask a question of you. Are YOU a Believer? If not, I would encourage you to seek God on your own for truth and wisdom. If so, aren't you simply exemplifying the very thing that you accuse us Black folks of doing? I mean speaking candidly I would like to add another item to your list. #6 "We don't forgive each other!" Because we feel better holding grudges, holding on to anger. I'll digress but speaking as a proud member of the NEWBIRTH family. I agree with you assessment of Religion, but totally disagree that being a Christian is somehow a detriment to our community. A TRUE believer knows the difference between being a Christian and being Religious(which is what you should've said), a True believer knows the difference between following God(or an ideal) and following Man(or the hype). I for one do agree with you though that "we" put too much stock in the church and we don't know what "The Church" really is. If we did, you would've even needed to write this article. But I'm glad you did because we do need to begin to "Enlarge our territory, under correct guidance in order not to bring about anymore pain!"

    • Im a child of God and still I am not a Christian. As a child, I was tortured by people who called themselves Christians. I found from young, holding titles doesn't make a person better or more a believer than any other. I actually observed and still do experience that people are very critical, nose up, quote swinging, private hell raisers, even prejudiced and gossipy….they call themselves proud Christians. Personally, God doesn't care what you call yourSelf, as long as you call. Where is the spirituality in Christianity? Where is Jesus the Christed example being shown within the communities surrounding those church buildings? Love, kindness, charity, forgiveness…simply to the T. If folk we're really experiencing God, and not so much religion and titles…the world would be a much better place outside ourSelves. In fact, we'd experience heaven on earth—together. Being limited into religious rules and mantras is the detriment to our community. I see no mothers coming back home after services satisfied with tje word from anothers mouth! Knowing God for ourselves instead of stage shouts would open one up to so much more of their spiritual self. Everything is inside us to be reflected outward. Yet folk look outsidethemselves and take those THINGS to heart. Do you defend Christianity the religion or are you defending the God in you in the coming days? Bless

    • You're so right about being a Christian and being Religious. I stopped going to church because the members were religious, and I learned from studying the word that the church is in each of us who believe. Jesus didn't have a building, His church was wherever He was in the moment. On a mountaintop, in a garden, in a boat or even in a jail cell, it didn't matter as long as the Word was spread.

    • You do know that as a christian, you are therefore religious. Your colloquial use of the term does not admonish you from your religion's wrongdoings. You still claim the same book of nonsense as the others. Nice try though.

    • Richard BigJezus Page

      Please don't be so condescending. I think that you're confusing Faith with Religion, Doctrine vs. Experience. Having experienced God on a personal level opens you up to a new level of understanding. My Faith is not based from scripture alone. Although doctrine has lead me away from a life of complete moral disregard. I'll challenge you though if you read "that book of nonsense" you'll realize that it's chock full of simple truths that you probably govern yourself by on a daily basis.

    • There is nothing in the bible that is not found in other "holy" books. I have read that particular book and I am not impressed. The blatant misogyny, homophobia, genocide, rape and immorality are not to my liking. You attribute life experiences to a supernatural source while not even scratching the surface of reality, I get it. You want a magical sky daddy to exist so you feel that you are protected. But as an adult we take responsibility for our lives. The problem with faith is that it is not based on facts nor evidence, just belief. And your religion promotes faith over reason. See the problem there?

  9. Awesome! Like I said, it's nice to be kind but when are we gonna ruffle some permed feathers and face our truth?!

  10. I love your articleS, Yvette. Keep speaking the truth. Black people cannot handle the truth, but keep speaking it anyway.

  11. I love your article Yvette. It spoke the truth.

  12. Willie Lynch totally exposed. I love it when want to be journalist can opine about the problem and wiggle their way out of the conversation when asked their take on the other side, the solution. What I don't find amusing though is that they don't realize they are a part of the problem!

  13. Black America, in general, has been going backwards for the last 30 years or so. And the only thing most of them care about is watch gold digger house wives on TV and buy the latest Jordan tennis shoes.


    Happy New Year, Yvette!

    Resolve to give up the ‘magic’ artificially-enhanced chicken sandwiches and start ‘assimilating’ the militia / doomsday way AND opening a business.

    My kids are ahead of Habib and Zhi Peng— no thanks to the American education system.

    Some prove they’re American by waving flags and protesting…

    I do so now by hoarding supplies, building arsenals and booby-trapping my hovel as I work to become self-sufficient. Things only get better if you proactively make them get better.

    Sometimes, we learn.


    Happy New Year, Yvette!

    Resolve to give up the ‘magic’ artificially-enhanced chicken sandwiches and start ‘assimilating’ the militia / doomsday way AND opening a business.

    My kids are ahead of Habib and Zhi Peng— no thanks to the American education system.

    Some prove they’re American by waving flags and protesting…

    I do so now by hoarding supplies, building arsenals and booby-trapping my hovel as I work to become self-sufficient. Things only get better if you proactively make them get better.

    Sometimes, we learn.

  16. Dear Yvette ( LL cool Jay voice), you once again proved your worth!

  17. I love that picture..that sums up everything without saying a word!!! I bet they have neighborhood kids they won’t even bother to feed if they are hungry. Yet they will buy a chicken sandwich to support stupidity

  18. I am puzzled. This site hosts Ms. Carnell and yet posts ‘articles’ like the crap outing tawanna brawley that didn’t bother to list the author? Consistency I guess isn’t your strong suit is it?

  19. OH MAN im really laughing out loud, Yvette went in so hard, BUT TRUE!!! Especially the last section…. BISON!!!

  20. I effen love you Yvette! Happy New Year :)