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Two Black Scientists to be Honored by the White House for Innovation


Two black scientists have been selected by the White House to be honored for their extraordinary innovation and tremendous scientific achievement.  The two are going to be awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, according to a statement being released by the White House.

The two men are James Gates and George Carruthers.  Professor Gates is a Physicist at The University of Maryland, and Dr. Carruthers is a Space Scientist at Howard University.

“I am proud to honor these inspiring American innovators,” President Obama said, in a statement.

“They represent the ingenuity and imagination that has long made this Nation great — and they remind us of the enormous impact a few good ideas can have when these creative qualities are unleashed in an entrepreneurial environment.”

Gates is well-known for his work in supergravity and supersymmetry.  Carruthers has numerous inventions to his credit, including a camera that was used on the the Space Shuttle.  He also invented the first moon-based observatory that was used by NASA during the Apollo 16 mission.

The men are going to receive their awards early next year at The White House.  The award is meant for those who make lasting contributions to science and technology.


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