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Out Of Control Rihanna Catches Flack From Fans For Posting Gun Pics

rihannapic Rihanna has hit an all time low, in an effort to keep the attention of her fans. What she thought was fun and cute to do, has turned some of her fans completely off. RiRi posted two pics, one of her friend brandishing a gun in the middles of a hallway and the other of a gun totting grandmother. Her fans took to her instagram account to tell her off.

“Think for once for God’s sake”

“All those children in Connecticut died cus [sp] of guns.”

In the wake of  the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings that shocked a nation, it was not wise for such a public figure like Rihanna to post anything remotely related to guns. It appears that Rihanna is really trying to embrace the whole bad girl image even more, every since she has found herself back with her ex, Chris Brown. In this industry, they say that all publicity ,good or bad, is great for the artist. In this case it could be the start of a downward spiral for Rihanna. As protocol would have it, it should not come as a surprise if a public apology is made to clean up her catastrophic mess.

What do you think? Is Rihanna grasping at straws to keep her fans focused on her? Could this be her seeking or trying to fit into the whole bad girl persona for the sake of competing for Chris Brown?

Sound off…

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