NYC Candidate to Voters: Don’t Let the White/Jewish Guy Steal Black/Hispanic Power

Thomas Lopez Pierre pictured with President Obama
Thomas Lopez-Pierre pictured with President Obama

Using race in an election is something most Americans have become accustomed to, but few candidates have been bold enough to overtly use race in a campaign, that is until now.

In a New York city council election, race and religion have been placed front and center. New York City Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre just sent voters an email imploring them to vote on the basis of racial empowerment.

The subject of the email was Stop Mark Levine (White/Jewish) From Stealing Black/Hispanic Political Power. Here’s a snippet of the letter:

Dear Friends:

Check out my campaign website: for the 7th NYC City Council in Upper Manhattan.

Outside political forces are trying to install a White/Jewish guy, Mark Levine to the 7th NYC Council District in Upper Manhattan.


Read all about it here:

I need your support with a $175 contribution (or lower amount) to help stop Black and Hispanic people from losing political power in Upper Manhattan by contributing to my campaign so I can win in the September 2013 Democratic Primary.

Lopez-Pierre has long been using race as the primary reasons voters should vote for him. He is not backing down though, saying he stands for black empowerment. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lopez-Pierre made it clear where he stands.

“I oppose him because I support black empowerment, black and Latino empowerment,” Mr. Lopez-Pierre said. “He could be green. He could be Russian. I don’t care where he’s from. Harlem is a black and Latino community, and he’s not black or Latino. And I don’t care who he sleeps with, who he’s married to—he is not one of us.”


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  1. DAME! Ole Boy is no joke.

  2. Here, here. For Mr. Lopez, stand your ground, and good luck in the next election.I see you are not falloing for the trickery of I am your friend BS.Well friend what have you done for us lately?.Show me what this friendship did for us.How about opposition to Affirmative action since its conception?. That is denying my people a decent education so our community can achieve success.

  3. If he was a candidate of any consequence he would be elected by the people, regardless of race or any thing else, Obama did it! His comments are destructive and show he is not a man truly of the people, sounds like he would if in the unlikely event he gets elected work to serve on a segment of the greater community.

  4. I understand his point but being so blunt is going to backfire on him. The Jewish dominated media is going to crucify this guy.

  5. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott

    I hear where he's coming from, BUT, what is plan to help motivate and empower the people of his district. He can want to empower them all he wants but if the will, motivation and courange of the people is not there, he's spinning his wheels.

    Black people are pass the stage of needing leaders. We all should be leaders. We all should understand how the political process really works, capitalism, imperialism and history. History because, unless you know what happened in the pass, you won't understand what's happening in the present. I'm not talking about the history taught in schools, because most things blacks need to know is not in US history books.

    Until we as a people understand everything taught by Europeans is not spiritually and mentally in your best interest and I don't mean that in a racist way. We allow to many poisions of society to dictate our true being. We are easily manipulated as a group of people.

    Too many black politicians want to be politically correct. There are enough of those politicans in office now. Speak the truth, stand by it and let the chips fall where they may. If it's facts and truth, then it is what it is.

    When we start to be proud people and care, nuture our families, children and communities, we will have a voice. Until then we won't, we will continue to be ignored.

  6. WOW, that is so wrong. What if this were a white person saying this about the white race? Lord have mercy!