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Are You Addicted to Complaining? Maybe That’s Why You’re Alone

complainersBy Jessie Herriott

Meet The Complainer: Their mood fluctuates more than an adjustable rate mortgage; and that is only second to their wonderful gift to really get on your nerves. Or in another scenario; what if you occupy that role in someone else’s life? The worst thing that you can do to individuals who love you and support you, day after day, year after year, is be a big complainer. The folks that love you will deal with your complaints because you’re not a bad person. And to be truthful, your love for them is the only thing that makes you want to hang around them, despite the terrible mood that they’re in.

It does not matter whether the complainer falls under the profile of the nagging wife, or the whining child, or the “woe-is-me” husband; complainers have found a way to infiltrate all of our lives. In fact, you could be reading this article, and are a serious pull on someone else’s good spirits.

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