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Kobe Bryant Says that He Would Force Shaq to Retire His Jersey


If you’re not familiar with the situation, Kobe Bryant has always had an odd relationship with Shaquille O’neal.   The two were dominate with the Los Angeles Lakers, leading the team to three straight championships in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 seasons.  But the two couldn’t fit both of their egos on the same court, leading to a parting of ways shortly thereafter.

Both men have found success since then, proving that they could survive without the other.  But the feuding continues.  During a recent interview, Kobe was asked about the retirement of his jersey and who he would get to present it at his ceremony.  The question was asked during the retirement of the jersey for Jamaal Wilkes.

“I’d probably force Shaq to do it,” Kobe said, after a long response.

We doubt that Shaq would take him up on his offer.  If the two players had stayed together, they likely would have continue to be dominant.  But like the Dallas Cowboys in the early 1990s and the Chicago Bulls a few years later, these two were not able to maintain the seeds that made them great.  Big egos have destroyed great dynasties, and the Lakers are no exception.

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