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Jesse Herriott: How To Avoid Self Sabotage in 2013

self-sabotageBy Jesse Herriott

As the New Year approaches, I can’t help but reflect on my life thus far. Like many people, 2012 has been an interesting year for me; full of adjustments, achievements, disappointments, and accomplishments. Yet, one of my major accomplishments in 2012 was that I believe that I’ve found my own personal flow. It is easy to assume that you’ve found your pace in life when things are going the way you planed, but it is during those awkward times that you truly get a realistic picture of what you’re capable of.

One of the major problems with reflection is that if you spend too much time dwelling on how disappointed you are in one or more areas of your life, it can set you back a bit. But, if you can find a way to take a realistic look at the circumstances surrounding your decisions this year, you can use that information to put your finger on your life’s pulse.

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