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Dr. Boyce: How to Know If You’re In Love with President Obama and Why This is a Bad Idea


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

The era of Barack Obama is most intriguing to me for at least a couple of reasons: First, at no point in American history has any group of people supported a candidate so readily and received so little in return.  The Obama Administration has pardoned almost no black men, even among those who are in prison for laws that have been taken off the books.  Also, black unemployment has almost never entered any meaningful White House discussion. Finally, racism is no longer worth fighting against, at least at the highest levels.

The second reason I find the age of Obama to be intriguing is that I’ve never seen a time when voting for someone is not enough; people instead expect you to love the candidate as if he were a relative.  Someone asked me why I don’t support President Obama.  I simply replied: “I endorsed him before you did, that’s all that any politician should ever get for any of us.

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