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Katt Williams Asks: “How Do You Keep Kids Safe Without Guns?”


Comedian Katt Williams might have inadvertently added fire to the on-going debate about guns and children.  Right after being released after his arrest for child endangerment, Katt explained to TMZ that he actually has an altruistic motivation for wanting to keep guns in the house.

“How do you keep kids safe without guns?” the comedian asked on his way out of jail.

Katt was arrested on Friday for alleged child endangerment, after police say that a raid on his home revealed guns and drugs in the house.  Katt says that he is a safe gun owner, keeping the guns in a lockbox so that the kids can’t get to them.  He also says that the guns in his possession are nobody’s business but his own.

“If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you’re gonna find guns! I’m not in a gang, what difference does it make?”

As far as the drugs, Katt says that there were no drugs in his house.  Well, at least not the hard ones:  “Weed is not a drug,” he said on his way out of the jail.

Katt might want to get in touch with the National Rifle Association.  Maybe they need a psychologically-imbalanced comedian as their new spokesperson for why we should make guns widely available to everyone.  After all, comedian Faizon Love did say that Katt pulled a gun out on him in a fit of rage; throw in an assault weapon, you might have some real carnage on your hands.  We’re just saying….


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