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Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent Was Driving on a Suspended License

New details emerge from the Josh Brent car wreck that killed his teammate Jerry Brown. Brent was driving on a suspended license he acquired in IL for drunk driving.


As more details emerge from the fatal Dec. 8 car crash that killed father-to-be Jerry Brown and placed Josh Brent in jail, it is clear that Brent’s behavior has been consistent. Brent had served 30 days in an Illinois prison for driving drunk in 2009, and was driving on an expired and suspended Illinois driver’s license. Following his arrest in 2009, Brent was barred from driving without a valid license.

According to the accident report, police found an unopened bottle of Pierre cognac in or near Brent’s car and attribute alcohol, speeding in a 45 mph zone, failure to drive in a single land, and Brent’s overcorrection to the crash. The accident report reveals that Brent’s overcorrection caused the car to hit a curb, slide into a ditch, overturn and rest on its roof. Although Brent refused a Breathalyzer test, police drew his blood against his will because of the fatality. Brent’s blood alcohol level was 0.189; the Texas legal limit is 0.08. Neither of the men were wearing a seatbelt at the time of the wreck.

Prior to his untimely death, Brown was looking forward to welcoming his first child into the world. As friends and family reflect on their final moments with him, many are reminded of the last Facebook post he shared on Nov. 29 about becoming a father and a husband.

Sometimes when I actually get a chance to get away from football I think of how bad I want a family (wife, children) and how the fast life isn’t as fun as it use to be after living it for so long. I mean I do have my lil one coming soon and don’t get me wrong I’m overly excited to c her and b everything for her. Its just the circumstances I bring her into aren’t nearly as ideal as I’d like. I had what I wanted in a woman just without the seed. That relationship has been soiled due to the seed I planted. My only hopes are to become a better man and build a stronger connection both ways!!


The child’s expected delivery date and the name of the child’s mother are unknown.


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