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Tiara Williams: Marrying The Game, Reality TV and Tying the Knot with Foolishness


by Tiara Williams

I had a chance to check out the new hit show on VH1 “Marrying the Game” for the first time. I was reluctant to watch but I was at someone else’s house and that’s what they were watching. So, I chucked it up as “research for Reel Righteous.”

The show is based on the life of “gangsta” rapper Jayceon “The Game” Taylor. He and his long time girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge are a few weeks away from tying the knot, and this series was supposed to document the joys of marrying The Game.

Immediately, I understood why this show was on the air. There’s an insecure 40- something year old Tiffany Cambridge who just wants her 31 year old son..I mean fiance to act like a grown man. The couple’s dynamic is very “worthy” of a reality show in a very ‘Love in Hip Hop kind of way.
On this particular episode, Tiffany wanted to accompany Jayceon on a one-day performance in France, Jayceon said it was a waste for her to come because the trip was short and to him that didn’t make sense.

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