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Shani K. Collins: How to Lose Weight Without Lying to Yourself


by Shani K. Collins

The holidays are fast approaching, and many people are looking for ways to become healthier in the New Year.  However, to become healthy in a safe and efficient manner, you must start with one essential thing: a goal.  Diet pills, weight-loss drinks, and “quick-fix” diets are trending and may offer you quick results.  However, when it comes to your health, it is best to have a plan of action that will help you safely achieve your health goal, and maintain long-lasting results.

To give you a personal example of goal-setting, in February 2012, I visited my primary care physician for a routine physical, and expressed to her my concern about losing the weight I had gained since becoming a full-time doctoral student.  My hectic schedule was impacting my ability to be consistent with a diet and exercise regimen; therefore, I gained weight.

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