Rapper Gunplay Says Sandy Hook Was Part of a Conspiracy to Take Away Your Guns

In case you missed it, rapper G*nplay, whose birth name is Richard Morales Jr., tweeted that Sandy Hook was a government-planned gunplay3event as part of a greater conspiracy to take away guns.

“Government k*lled dem kids to take our guns away. Another 9/11. Dont get it twisted,” he tweeted. “Yall are sheeple 4 thinking da government aint gotta hand in every crisis since the great depression.”

The rapper is known for stirring up controversy. Last year he was hit with charges of being anti-semetic when it was revealed that he has a swast*ka tattooed on his back. In response, he explained that his tattoo wasn’t a show of support for Naz*s, but a repudiation.

“It’s just my symbol of genocide to the bullsh*t. Mass murdering the bullsh*t,” he said.

“Too much bullsh*t out here. I came to Naz* that sh*t. I came to H*tler that motherf*cker. Put all the fake motherf*ckers in the gas chamber and gas your fuck @ss. That’s what I’m here to do. So n*ggas better walk light around a n*gga. I’ma show n*ggas. I can talk but I’ma show n*ggas. All that fake sh*t, I’ma call that sh*t out and I’ma stomp that sh*t out. I got a mission. Just playing the game for the meantime.”

That sounded like an awful lot of  ‘n*gga’ and ‘sh*t’, with very little to do with how the symbol on the back of his neck has anything to do with anything else.

No idea how the rapper’s followers are reacting his Sandy Hook theory. What do you think?


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  4. I Agree 100% Everything The Government Does Something Is Always Hidden In The Dark. Why Even Vote? They Have It All Fixed For Who They Want. My Vote Is Jesus, But Most Folks Don't Want Him Ruling!!!

  5. i agree with him 100% percent..and tell me this y do white people love committing mass muders..cause the goverment suports population control amongest other topics.oh by the way !we r the chosen people that iZ y white people act like that towards blacks.and i also believe they r trying to get rid of section 8

  6. Several of the people in Obama’s “crowd” have written books about depopulating the world. They wrote of forced abortions saying it wouldn’t work as well in third world countries because of no Dr at birth. Wrote of forced sterilization saying to sterilize the women because men would rebel too much. Do you think anyone who could go along with all the babies that are being aborted today, 50% of them black would actually care about any childen being shot? They tried to take our guns away in the 50’s and couldn’t. What was their excuse then? There were no massacres of school children. We are going to be a communist nation. That is what the Progressives want and they are Dems and Reps.

  7. even though this guy is an a hole, a holes have opinions and are not neccessarily always of mark. i too agree with alot of these ideas. if the government just took your weapons without a reason for doing so, how many people do you think would have an adverse reaction to having their amendment rights taken? out of all the things in history that governments have done to there people, especially this one, why would it be so hard for people to see how some of us question everything that goes on with them! all im saying is, this is not, and wouldnt be the first time that our government has done awful things to its people it governs, and undoubtedly not the last! just dont take everything for face value, and use your analytical mind when observing what goes on in this country.ive learned that dealing with the powers that be, we all can be casualties for their greater agenda. even children!

  8. Most people are calling this brother a coon simply because of his presentation and verbiage.Do you know that there was more than one suspected shooter in Sandy Hook?Do you know that many of the parents were not allowed to even see their children’s corpses?Do you know that there were eye witness reports of multiple shooters?Do know that there have been discrepancies with the autopsy findings and their report?Do you know that nearly all the services were closed casket?Do you know that there was an active F E M A Exercise Drill taking place at the same time the Sandy Hook incident was being played out simulating the very same scenario.
    The media is grossly out of step with what it’s original function and purpose was,which was to be a watchdog for the public against the Government and Corporate malfeasance.The blurred lines have blinded us.False Flag Operation?
    The reason that these things appear to be so unbelievable is that one can not fathom the powers that be wielding such Ultimate Power and Influence that they are able to manipulate and influence the facts and even the people involved.

  9. the boy got issues

  10. Its not farfetched…this land was built on lies and corruption and selective sacrifice. The easiest way to control someone is when they willingly submit.its better for you to relinquish your weapons than for me to take them….IJS

  11. Black people please wake up befor its to late and don’t give your guns up

  12. I agree. Why do you allow this type of negativity on this site? There are certainly more relevant and intelligent articles to post.

  13. I agree. Why do you allow this type of negativity on this site? There are certainly more relevant and intelligent articles to post.

  14. why wouldn't government kill kid's/family's..you really think they care about you..you stay in two different world's..remember..America sending drones in the middle east killing families/history..just for 1 guy..LMAO..really WAKE UP!

    Save trade.
    Ottoman Turkey–1915-1917
    Soviet Union–1929 – 1945.
    Nazi Germany
    & Occupied Europe–1933 – 1945.
    Red China * 1951- 1952.
    * 1957- 1960.
    * 1966-1976
    there s more but look up these listed above and you ll see if a government care s about who they kill…Pearl Harbor/9-11..

    Greed doesn't care..it follows an agenda!

    much love people.

  15. just b/c someone is ignorant doesn't mean they can't see what s actually going on..history repeats itself..of course there would have to be some kind of professional/political approach to taking gun's especially in America..We are the most ignorant/violent country on the planet. So, taking one's gun's is not as easy as you think..it would mos def be civil war II.. HISTORY FOLKS some of us are still living in this "LAND OF THE FREE AND BRAVE ERA" We all want to be free but how many are brave enough to speak/fight for freedom not for them self but for the future/life of people…Those we call ignorant or crazy..very submissive..

    have we forgot about Hitler–* "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so." – Adolph Hitler 1938.

    If they had weapons..It would ve been been the Holocaust Revolt/War..so yea it happen b/c they gave their weapons to the government which made it easy for them to get transported into trains…

  16. This guy is clearly a idiot like many of these rap crap fools are. But I have no problem with his swastika tattoo the same way Jews have no problem making money off of the n word and racial stereotypes about blacks, Hispanics and others for decades.

  17. Is the moron for real? Somebody throw his butt in a hole and put a building over it. The only b.s. is him.

  18. To the Facebook posters – You are the coons. Can I say Tuskegee Experiments? Slavery? Jim Crow? Eugenics? Oops, you’re African Amerikans. African history does not apply to you.

    What a bunch of maroonic coons.

  19. Nigga in the Street getting money. Gov Always hateing. I don't agree totally they would want kids killed but gov did some weird stuff before. He speaking rap slang I understand him totally u old mfers on THIS page is out of Touch and Sound dumb. Gunplay a cool dude

  20. this guy's is a very ignorant COON, the Government wouldn't have to arrange for innocent babies to die to take your gun's fool , they would just take them period.please don't give people like this idiot attention or space to make foolish comment's like the one he's made.

    • @LaRome Armstrong. This guy is NOT a ignorant COON he's a ignorant SPICK. Richard Morales more than likely is Hispanic. Strange how he and other cultures equate ignorance with slurs about black people. How many times did he use the n word but never say spick. With all of his ignorance he still shows respect to his own. One things for certain the minute he says kike a slur against Jews that's when he'll get shut down and stop getting media attention.

    • you need to do a lil more research b4 you call people coon and stupid

  21. It’s ignorant to dispute statements if you can not prove that they are right or wrong. He could have a point. I thought about it. The USA is targeted for control, and once again, you have to disarm a population before you can fully control them. The thought of murdered kids will pull at any persons heartstrings and make them want to remove guns. The next thing will be some crazy terror attack, and they will say that some foreigners did it, and now we need a national ID computerized card for everybody within U.S. borders. Watch!!!….Control of foreigners, illegal aliens, and some crazy attack is going to usher in a lobby for national ID cards

  22. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for Anything! Where there is no Vision the people perish & we as a people have been getting outta here & Die from a Lack of Knowledge! Big Dummies just running they mouth these young fools listen to Rappers like these fools are MLKing when MLK was one of the Bravest we ever Had! When these Rap Dummies are all about Money & are nothing more then Puppets & Slaves & are Corporate Whores selling us all up the River for Money! These Negroes are a Stereotype to the third Degree!

  23. Carte' Taye Drizzle Blackmore


  24. Stop giving this type of individual attention. Shameful.