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Kentucky Man Defends Statue of President Obama Eating Watermelon: ‘He Might Get Hungry’

Just when you thought the racist Obama jokes were finally subsiding, another local yokel comes out of the woodwork with anwatermelon obama inflammatory insult.

This time, a Kentucky man, Danny Hafley, has erected a statue of President Obama eating watermelon. When Hafley was asked why he chose to put watermelon in the statue’s hand, Hafley replied that Obama  “might get hungry standing out here.”

Hafley told a local NBC affiliate that he is only defending his right to free speech:

“The way I look at it, it’s freedom of speech,” said Danny Hafley. “I don’t know how other people will take it.”

Hafley bought the Obama mask on sale after Halloween and put up the display around the time of November’s presidential election.

The mannequin, dressed in a grey suit, clip-on tie and blue-collared shirt, was originally standing in Hafley’s yard but the homeowner decided it would look better near the road.

“That’s my buddy,” Hafley said. “He don’t talk. Don’t make no smart comments. If I had a dollar for everyone who stopped and took a picture of it I’d be a millionaire.”

Some of Hafley’s neighbors do believe that the image will cause problems, even though they themselves don’t have an issue with it.

Hafley says he put watermelon in the Obama statue’s hand because “he might get hungry.” No word yet why he didn’t place a slice of pie (0ne of Obama’s favorite foods) or steak in Obama’s hands, but I think we all know the answer to that.


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