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How Breaking Up Your Children’s Fights Damages Them

Family FightingBrothers and sisters do not always get along swimmingly while they’re growing up. Sibling rivalry is common and some parents try to mediate the situation, hoping that the altercations will have no lasting effects. Now research is showing that sibling rivalry can have a great effect on your children, even a lasting effect. Your children may take these issues from childhood into adulthood as their issues manifest into serious psychological challenges.

The new research shows that parents who intervene in sibling battles are doing their children a great disservice. Yes, fighting siblings are likely to develop depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem down the road, but parents who put themselves in the middle make the situation worse. The study shows that the damage from doing so is long-term. Parents can only set clear boundaries in the home in an effort to stop the fighting. Intervening may lead the children to believe that you are picking favorites and choosing sides so the best thing to do it to stay out of it.

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