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Why Did Susan Rice Drop Out of the Race for Secretary of State? Dr. Michael Fauntroy Discusses with Dr. Boyce Watkins


Dr. Watkins: Hi. I’m Dr. Boyce Watkins from Today many of you saw that Susan Rice, who is the United States ambassador to the United Nations, has officially withdrawn her name from consideration of Secretary of State. A lot of people were surprised; a lot of people were taken aback by the decision. It’s not entirely surprising because the Republicans weren’t exactly cheering to see her get the nomination. But, I want to really understand what’s going on and to get insight into this. So, rather than going to the people that we might see who don’t know what they’re talking about, I go to the people who do know what they’re talking about and the person I respect the most in the political arena, right with Dr. Wilmer Leon is Dr. Michael Fauntroy who is on the line.

How are you doing today, Dr. Fauntroy?

Dr. Fauntroy: I’m doing well.

Dr. Watkins: Good. Good. When you saw what happened recently with Susan suddenly withdrawing, were you surprised? And, what was your reaction overall?

Dr. Fauntroy: A part of me was really surprised about it in part because she’s imminently qualified and there was every indication that the President would go to war for her to get her nomination through the Senate. Obviously, something has changed along the way. She has been attacked unfairly, in my judgment, by Senate Republicans, primarily Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. But, I thought she could have weathered that storm in part because she is very well qualified and there’s no legitimate argument to vote against her. So, the only real calculation I could come up with was the President decided that he didn’t want to burn the political capital that would be necessary to get her across the finish line.

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