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Weight Training Benefits African-American Men More Than White Men, Yields Cardiovascular Benefits

If you are a black man and your New Years resolution is to get into shape, then you should definitely consider weight training as a partweight training of your workout regimen. Why? A new study reveals that adding weight training to your workout adds immense benefits to your cardiovascular health.

According to the  Providence Journal:

Six weeks of weight training can significantly improve blood markers of cardiovascular health in young African-American men, researchers report in the Journal of Human Hypertension.

The researchers measured blood markers associated with inflammation, immune response or the remodeling of arteries that normally occur after tissue damage, infection or other types of stress. They found that levels of two of these markers dropped significantly in African-American men but not in Caucasian men after six weeks of resistance training.

“This suggests that resistance exercise training is more beneficial in young African-American men than in Caucasian men of the same age,” said Bo Fernhall, the dean of the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Fernhall led the study of 14 African-American men and 18 Caucasian study subjects during six weeks of weight training. All of the subjects were new to resistance training.

It should come as no surprise that black men experience an undue amount of stress in our society, but weight training appears to be one way of offsetting and releasing that stress.






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