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The Folks Who Brought You ‘Collateral Damage’ Spotlight MSNBC Pundit For Condoning anti-Slavery Murder

Hackneyed pundit Tucker Carlson said in 2008 that John McCain’s argument – that Saddam Hussein was a bad man who meant us harm, so therefore we django-unchainedhad no choice but to wage war – was reasonable.

Since that time, Carlson has drifted even further to the right,  going so far as to start a right wing blog called The Daily Caller. That blog has supported all sorts of right wing political war mongering, but writers there are bringing attention to  MSNBC analyst Touré, who said that a slave’s violence against a slaveowner can be morally condoned.

In a recent blog post referencing Quentin Tarantino’s new anti-slavery film “Django Unchained” , Touré wrote, “For the descendants of slaves, who live in a world still tangibly doused in slavery’s residue, watching Django kill his oppressors could possibly feel cathartic. If murder can ever be morally justified by the presence of clear, undiluted, sustained evil — and I believe it can — then it is justified when a slave kills a master.”

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