Rapper Murdered While Wearing Tribute T-Shirt to Dead Artist, Lil JoJo


As America cries for the children in Sandy Hook, the South Side of Chicago continues to be the killing fields of America.  This week, a teen who was friends with  Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman was murdered on Christmas day while wearing a t-shirt dedicated to his dead friend.   Joshua Davis, an 18-year old aspiring artist, was shot after fighting with other young men in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

Englewood is known for its violence, and thus far, neither the mayor of Chicago, nor anyone else, has any solutions to the problem.   The shooting took place at 11:30 pm on Tuesday night and no suspects are in custody.   A neighbor, Sam Agnew, said that he heard four  or five shots during the night.

“He was killed because he was wearing a hoodie and getting off the bus,” the victim’s sister Selina Davis told DNA Info. “He was a great boy. He was only a baby.”

Joseph’s rap name was JayLoud and he was best friends with Lil Jojo.  Jojo was feuding with Interscope recording artist Chief Keef (Keith Cozart) before he was murdered.  The rapper’s mother went onto BET two weeks ago and said that she believes that Cozart was responsible for her son’s death.   Cozart has canceled tour dates and failed to show up for a video shoot in recent weeks, leading some to speculate that he is evading some of his legal troubles.

Johnathan Moody, a cousin of Davis, says that he warned Davis about wearing the hoodie around the neighborhood with Lil Jojo’s name on it.

“We would tell him, ‘That ain’t good to wear that hoodie.’ But that was his best friend,” Moody said.

The violence in Chicago continues to skyrocket.  Some, like Father Michael Pfleger, are calling on politicians to help control the flow of guns to urban communities.  Pfleger says that by titling guns as if they were cars, it would keep guns from falling between the cracks and getting onto the black market.  Many of these guns end up on the street and take the lives of young people, most of them African American males.



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  1. Damn such a sad fd up story… so much killng goin on shissh


  3. A lot of these killings are Thug on Thug killings and it’s always said that these young men were good men which well may be the case with some but my question is if you don’t live the Thug life then why hang out or be around those who do (BAD ASSOCIATION SPOIL USEFUL HABITS) and will get you hurt or worse killed

  4. @ Rachel Robinson. Why can’t you compare Chicago to Sandy Hook. The same difference. If you leave unguided children to fend for themselves the out come is violence period. Yet you blame kids and not adults. SMH

  5. and (R)ahm won’t do a thing about it because the people being killed are mostly black men.

  6. When you engage in violence, you perpetuate more violence. People are so quick to compare what is going on in Chicago to the Sandy Hook situation but they couldn't be more different. I am sad about any life lost, but a lot of these things are brought on by the victims themselves. Engaging in drugs, gangs and other seedy dealings will most certainly bring violence and possibly death to your door. I'm not specifically speaking about this boy but it's always the parents of these little terrors after the fact talking about "he was such a good boy". Give me a break!

    • Please read the post by I-King Justice…I try to make the same point each and every-day…

      As for Sandy-Hook, it is the exact same thing…a young white boy, who we like to call "Timothy Tim Tim", was trained to use gun's, was home taught but not shown the way…and he, because whatever reason his mother would not do or agree with him about, decided to use the very same weapons, her weapons, against her and others…

      He was taught how to shoot, but he was not taught who or what to shoot, when, where, and why…only the how…

      You go into any Black home and see our people wanting everything they see the perverted catholic with…our people watch their movies and cry for no reason, our people somehow find a way to relate to their sitcom's and try to identify with these perverts…

      The perverted catholic has succeeded; conquer and divide…give to one and make the others jealous…and so many parents keep saying "I need me time", another saying by the perverted catholic…you need "me time" from what? your kids? your boyfriend? your family? or is it just because our race like doing everything the perverted catholic does?

      We live in a very sad USA world, as ignorance is the way, and has lead the way for many years…

      When this country past the gun laws, they knew exactly what they were doing…they knew Blacks would be at a disadvantage when it come to purchasing gun's…they also knew that it would be easy for the perverted catholic to make money by selling gun's to the poor…it is just like drugs…you do not hear about the perverted catholic bringing drugs into the Black neighborhoods, but you always hear about the people in the Black neighborhood's getting caught with the drugs after the perverted catholics make their money and and leave…

      To the parents who raise these kids, I guess having a party every night is more important…

      As a race in this country, you can see how our people will buy food from a Chinese restuarant then from a Black owned restaurant…

      I guess it is o'k when the perverted catholic engage in gang activity…

  7. Although in this article which states in part; the Mayor of Chicago, nor anyone else, has any solutions to the problem. The people in Chicago can’t handle the solutions to the problem. There is always an outcry by certain sectors of the public when some solutions come into play, because they feel that their rights are being violated.

    • Beef between record labels is only one aspect of this enormous problem. One solution is to institute NY’s stop and frisk policy. But I’m sure there will be plenty of bleeding hearts saying police are going too far.

  8. Wow what a travesty. Dead useless ni66er. Looks like no more 65IQ sprogs to litter the gene pool.

  9. Take into consideration that the record labels are perpetuating the violence. (On purpose) When records were being made about slaying cops, the labels refused to produce them. But there will be no shortage of dis records and threat records calling for the slaughter of our little brothers. The decision makers find profit in our deaths, and no shortage of young brothers trying to get on.

    • Keith, this type of killing is bigger than some record labels. People fight like this over control of corners and blocks. Just want you to realize how clueless and out of touch you sound to even suggest this is about "record labels"…

    • dude you sound ignorant how youre gona blame the record label for the way these lil young bastard act they been killing each other and they gona continue to do so and people need to stop blaming it on music and record labels

    • Ed Dunn, Keith is talking about only one aspect of enormous problem. While it's clear you don't agree with him, doesn't mean you have to be a total jerk-off about. One solution is to institute NY's stop and frisk policy. But I;m sure there will be plenty of bleeding hearts saying police are going too far.

    • Ed Dunn, Ed Dunn, Keith is talking about only one aspect of this enormous problem. While it's clear you don't agree with him, doesn't mean you have to be a total jerk-off about. One solution is to institute NY's stop and frisk policy. But I;m sure there will be plenty of bleeding hearts saying police are going too far.

    • Ed Dunn, it surely ain't about the record labels it is a deeper issue but the record labels do capitalize off of this glorified violence. It sells records.

  10. Dawn Theoneandonly Mack

    This is sad another young man life taken and for what. Association. That's so senseless kids need yo stop going as these songs say and trying to make a name for yourself now this lady has yo bury her baby cause of a beef that. Has. No meaning and a sweat shirt and for the record what he is doing in the pic has no factor at all if he was

  11. This little boy is standing in a picture rolling up a blunt. Lil Jo Jo often posed in pictures holding guns. Now I am in no way saying that these people deserved to die but look at the images that they are perpetuating. Of course the government is not going to take action toward gun control in the inner city because most of the victims of this violence are the ones who glorify it. We need to change what is deemed acceptable in our society. The thug or gangster persona has become the norm and as long as we our destroying ourselves, no one from the outside is going to care.

    • Well tell that to the babies that grow up having parents who do not educate them properly and protect them from inheriting these experiences through poor choices. Parents who think they have life down to a science, but really have it down to a ritual of ignorance and tradition(The tradition being ignorance itself). The influence that the media, entertainment, so-called educational cartoons, music industry, Internet, and other false information resources including BOOKS have on a person is WAY OVER PEOPLE'S HEADS and the parents need to grow the hell up and realize it and start educating themselves. Babies are being brought into this world and LEFT ALONE, LITERALLY. NO KNOWLEDGE BEING FED, a mass majority of our black parents do nowadays for their kids in the homes is BUY SHIT. Buy this, keep them happy, they like it because they saw it somewhere and the place they saw it wasn't taught by the parent. What's making them attracted to all of these things that parents get for them? TELEVISION. And our parents don't teach kids the science of TV because they are just as ignorant to the facts of what TV does to people. It brainwashes them and influences their behaviors. Religion has destroyed our people's reasoning and logic by making them believe in the invisible, they will turn to the invisible and ignore the reality. They will consider the reality a lie and consider the lie a reality. So it's easy to make claims like "Oh it's just TV", when you don't know that you are under the influence of it because you don't ever turn it off. Turn off the gospel music and throw all that religious shit out the window and I guarantee it won't be long before you start wondering what made you even start listening to it in the first place. It's a program that needs to be constantly going, to have an affect.

      Back to the kids. What happens when they don't get what they want from off the TV? They find other ways to get it. Parents spend more time trying to live a fashionable life rather than preparing their babies every day to battle this beast we call America. Go to work, spend 8+ hours out the day working on somebody else's job, teaching their babies to be dependent, rather than working towards owning their own business and teaching independence and self sufficiency. Come home and find the most unproductive thing that can be done and call that "quality time." Spoiled at the hands of Western Ways. There's 365 days in a year, on average 31 days in a month, 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week – Parents spend most of that time not learning so their kids don't grow up with a billion unsure and unanswered questions or lack of abilities. If they are with their children they are trying to make them happy by giving them things off the TV, or feeding them poison foods rather than opening up some books and start educating them every day. Keeping them from eating 3 meals a day, clogging their bodies up and their brains. Naturally the original teacher was the parent, now it's a stranger thanks to Europeanistic influence. And parents have the nerve to blame a COMPLETE STRANGER when they fail to do their(parents) duty of successfully educating their own children, that's sad. And then the most fucked up, yes i said FUCKED UP excuse our lame ass ignorant black parents give is "It's not my fault, I didn't raise them that way." Or "it's not my fault, I raised them right, they chose to do wrong." No! That's that devilish lie. That "white lie." That I don't want to be judged or fully responsible because I don't want to be looked down or unaccepted in society lie. They were not raised right, they weren't raised at all, they were only brought up in confusion, not having no intelligence and no respect and no ability to master themselves and avoid trouble. So it would be easy for them to see a gun and take hold to it, because their parents told them it was okay. They told them it was okay every minute they weren't around to tell them it wasn't okay. You shouldn't have to tell a teenager not to pick up a gun, but if you wait until they become a teenager to start opening your mouth, it's too late, they've seen and heard it all. Babies learn more by the age of 6 than you can reverse in one word or action. It would be better to have raised a kid in the streets on a stack of books, than in a mansion with every possible distraction keeping them busy and teaching them errors. Blacks need to get their shit together. It starts with Us – Men.

    • What I failed to mention out of this long post, is how parents buy educational material for their kids but don't even take the time to thoroughly study it themselves first. They don't educate themselves first so they fail to educate their children. Instead they just hand out material, say take this and have them fending for themselves. No understanding to be gained.