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Conservative Larry Elder: Absentee Fathers are More of a Threat to the Black Community Than Racism

Black conservative writer and pundit Larry Elder has a message for the GOP regarding how to get more of the black vote: Stop talking to blacks like they’re stupid. In an larry elderinterview with The Daily Caller,  Elder said the only hope the GOP has of reaching black voters is if they talk to blacks like adults.

“Stop talking to blacks like they are children to whom the truth cannot be told,” Elder said.

Elder also said that racism is no longer a major issue in this country, and that the biggest threat to the black community is absentee fathers.

“To avoid poverty, UCLA public policy professor James Q. Wilson said that everyone — not just blacks — must do three things: finish high school, don’t become a parent until at least the age of twenty, and get married before having a child. Do this and you will not be poor,” Elder said.

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