The new Quentin Tarantino film, "Django Unchained," is getting rave reviews.  One person who loves the film is Asa Lovechild, who says that the film was very well done and entirely respectful of African Americans.  In the interview below. Asa breaks down her perception of the film and talks about why Spike Lee was probably wrong in his criticism. The post Asa Lovechild: Spike Lee Was Wrong about ‘Django Unchained’ appeared first on Black Like Moi .

Asa Lovechild: Spike Lee Was Wrong about ‘Django Unchained’


The new Quentin Tarantino film, “Django Unchained,” is getting rave reviews.  One person who loves the film is Asa Lovechild, who says that the film was very well done and entirely respectful of African Americans.  In the interview below. Asa breaks down her perception of the film and talks about why Spike Lee was probably wrong in his criticism.

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  1. I wonder if she will buy the new action figures.

  2. nigga's like james wilkerson…i cant stand….how many times did they use the N word in django? and this fool talking about the holocaust..this movie had nothing to do with the holocaust…and everything to do with slavery…and the domination of the white man…don't get it twisted.
    clearence thomas…@ james wilkerson.

    • @ Johnson and Reid, I was not comparing The holocaust to slavery, I was talking about the reaction of Jewish people to the movie "Inglorious Bastards" By Spike Lee's logic they could have claimed, it disrespected the holocaust. As far as the N word is concearned, that is how they talk, and when black rappers and entertainers stop using it then I'll get concearned. Mr Johnson, you don't know me or anything about me, so I'll let that house nigga accusation slide, lastly Mrs Reid, when I want to be educated I read a book, when I want to be enterytained, I go see a movie.

  3. The sad thing is if the word "nigger" had been said 3 times Spike Lee would have complained that the movie was unrealistic , playing it safe, and disrespectful to his ancestors for not using the word enough. Haters will always find a reason to complain. If he saw the film I could respect him. He saw a damn trailer. Shut the f*ck up Spike & focus on making good films.

  4. Spike Lee did not elaborate on the specifics of disrespect to "(his) ancestors." Factually, we know blacks were whipped and black women begrudgingly were used as bed warmers and in other such deplorable and degrading capacities. Black men were castrated or threatened to have their reproduction capabilities removed. The 'N' word was engaged a bit excessively… I did not count, but suspect that the word was used just about as frequently as SJ did in "Jackie Brown" another QT blaxploitation film. I agree with Chanda Reid comment in some aspect. Essentially the film is meant for entertainment purposes only. The film is not an epic 'fact based' chronology of slavery in North America, otherwise it would be a totally different film. The lead character was 'allowed' to retain an African sounding first name… "the D is silent, so that's a sign of some respect for the origin of the character. // So… folks, lighten up a bit, as commenter James Wilkerson suggests and go support the black actors in the film who need a pay check, too. After all, the lead character is employed and dedicated to preserving his marriage, while simultaneously bearing traits of dignity, honor, and faithfulness.

  5. I this the movie was great, I felt the Spike Lee is entitle to his criticism, however, QT was respectful to African-Americans. I which that African-American would go and see this movie just to see a black man in a leading position without the help of a white man. Jamie Foxx's character is not a 'magical negro' he is a lead actor in the movie. Go see it………. it's a great movie, especially for us we need to see ourselves on film in a positive light.


  7. Spike Lee needs to go somewhere and sit down, and those of you who boycott the film need to get a life. " Direspectful to My Ancestors" what does that even mean? I saw the movie and found it entertaining. To me it was funny, cartoonish, lighten up people.

    • Spike Lee doesn't like the fact that a white man is profiting off of slavery again in the 21st century. Lee hates the fact that the 'n' word is used over 110 times in the director's works. This is what Spike Lee means by this movie being disrespectful to his ancestors. Plus Spike Lee feels that the story will be told through the white man's fantasy.

    • So how exactly is action figures of characters from this movie, respectful to blacks and their ancestors?

  8. wow… how blind are you? the movie was respectful to african americans..i bet you said the same thing about the Help, and color purple, and roots,
    How is any movie pertaining to slavery respectful to african americans…when white people tell their story of our struggle, its never respectful…don't be a fool all your life.

    • I agree which is why I am not supporting this movie!!!

    • There were slaves and there were slave owners, it is what it is. It was a story of fiction. I'm a QT fan and like his different view of story telling. I didn't see Jews make a fuss over Inglorious Bastards, by your logic, QT disrespected the Holocaust. Get a Life

    • Ok there is a BIG difference between the Holocaust and slavery.So never compare the two together. Besides, Germany led the first genocide in Africa. Which happened way before the Holocaust.Guess you never read a factual history book that talked about all the events that took place before we were placed into slavery by white slave owners. Another thing, slavery is not humorous which is why I can't support this movie. It is designed to entertain not to inform/educate.