Aloha, Aloha: Obama Leaves Hawaiian Vacation Early to Resume Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

In the span of the last week, many liberal pundits have predicted that since House Speaker Boehner can’t get his members in line, obama golfingPresident Obama would allow them to go over the fiscal cliff. Doing so would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and for seniors on Social Security to get a cost of living increase. Now, however, it looks as though there will probably be a deal since President Obama has cut his vacation short to Washington to work on a fiscal deal.

The White House said Tuesday that President Obama will leave Hawaii Wednesday night. His family, however, will stay behind in Hawaii.

Republicans have been painting Obama as a man totally unconcerned about the problems the nation is facing, and the White House is likely responding to that pressure.

In an article entitled Obama Will Ride to the Rescue… For Republicansformer MSNBC pundit Cenk Uygur predicted that Obama will get a deal which benefits Republicans more than Democrats:

The Republicans have put themselves in a holy mess with this Plan B debacle. They now have less than zero leverage. They are a national laughingstock. A majority of the country now thinks they are “too extreme.” They just got walloped in the election. And with the tax cuts set to expire the laws are rigged against them as well. 

There is only one person who can rescue the Republican Party now — Barack Obama. And he will. I have been saying for over two years now that President Obama is dying to do the Grand Bargain. He will do it at any cost. In fact, he actively wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. He can’t wait for that pat on the back from the establishment when they finally call him post-partisan, above party politics, and a statesman for screwing over his own voters. This is by far his greatest wish.

What do you think? Will Obama hang in there this time? Or will he fold the way he did during the debt ceiling deal?



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  1. I think the president will respond to pressure from the white side of him within himself and cave into pleasing the Republicans why else would he cut short his vacation because Boehner asked to have a meeting! The President should have shouted man I'm on vacation you should have talked to me before I left, now you fall over the g*****n cliff! Remember you didn't take my call when I won the election…if he compromises one more time stick me with a fork cause I'm done.

    • STAND YOUR GROUND PRES. OBAMA, DON'T BACK DOWN! You've compromised enough if the Repugnants want to cut off their red noses to spite their demonic faces so be it that's on them and their consciousness. You tried, I give you kudos for trying to help the poor and aspiring middle class. GOD BLESS YOU WITH INFINITE WISDOM.